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  1. 1) ELECTRICAL, ELECTRICAL, ELECTRICAL. This is a nightmare in this country. 2) PLUMBING, PLUMBING, PLUMBING. The second nightmare. Often sewage empties to the street. No stink pipes No P traps. Often inadequate septic system. Better know your stuff when you go this route. There are many other difficulties. One house we looked at had a lot of mould around the exterior walls. Others needed to be completely rewired. Raw open wires in the bathroom and kitchen NB. Over 1/3 of all house fires in CR are electricallyu related.
  2. Check around and bargain. There is a great difference in the price quoted and the real price of the Rockers. If you are looking to ship quality furniture check out Cecilia's. She uses only 100% kiln dried wood. Fabulous stuff and great to work with. Fluent English spoken. If you are driving from Grecia she is on your right past the Carretas and the x emas. closed Monday email: ticaceci@yahoo.com
  3. I find it practical to send an Amazon.com gift certificate. They can purchase anything they want...not just books. I came up with a (I think) novel concept. For b'days and Christmas I send a gift certificate towards their next trip to visit the Grandparents in CR.
  4. Hi Dizzy

    I have a receipt in front of me Paid in November/10

    I don't know if it has changed and we are Pensionado residents under the old law.

    870USD per person (half, 435usd,on application balance on approval)

    At the end there were 2 additional charges.

    One was for the cedula and I cannot remember the other charge.

    They were 123usd and 330usd/ person.


  5. Retired here, massage Ontario. I made 60CAD hour. Here maybe 25USD.

    Can't take work away from a Tica. This country in overrun with Massage persons.

    I suggest you do not come to CR to work.

    Average monthly income is less than 600usd/month. This is why it is such a great retirement country. We can live on our Canadian pensions.

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