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  1. I hope anyone considering retiring and relocating here do their research. Those increases could be a deal breaker. I wonder if there could be a mass exodus of expats who don't want to look down the throat of $400+ a month for marginally o.k. healthcare.
  2. txtica

    CAJA Increase?

    We do a transferencia before the 6th of each month to arcr for caja, so if they go up they would need to email us the new amount since it would not be an automatic payment. We only received an email alluding to the fact of an increase about 6 months ago. Not a word since. Fingers crossed it won't be much. Especially since Recope and ICE electric are going up by at least 5%. I expect burglary to increase by 5%-17% by end of the month;)
  3. My husband and I were given the impression a few months back that ARCR members were going to see an increase in CAJA. I think there was an email to that effect from their office, but I could be recalling wrong. Does anyone in close contact with the ARCR worker bees know if we members will be getting a new higher rate?
  4. txtica

    costs in CR

    Fresh tuna from the fish market in Puntarenas is a steal compared to US prices. Fresh jumbo shrimp much much cheaper too. Pina, papaya, lechuga, waaaaay cheaper. ANd the eggplant I buy in Costa Rica is the most delicious of any anywhere. No bitterness, no need to salt and dab with paper towel. Just perfection. my dos colones.
  5. txtica

    Purchasing a used vehicle

    Another bit of info. regarding insurance....We bought a used 2009 Tucson and are very happy with it. Got quotes from both INS and Mapfre for insurance, coverage for most everything, and Mapfre was the better price for same coverages.
  6. back in Dec. 2003, Husband and I submitted applications for pensionados: cedula rec'd. April 2004. Now that's a record that should be in the Guiness Books.
  7. I have only my Costa Rica license and rented an 18 ft. UHaul truck in Texas and had no problem. Hertz took my credit card and license and smiled the whole time as they rang up the $600. Drove to Denver. No problem. Guess it depends on the officer and the state you are in.
  8. Friends from Texas who moved here wanted the beach. These folks are used to heat. They found a rental house in Esterillos oeste. There was such stifling heat and humidity and robberies, they moved. 2nd rental house in the hills above Playa Hermosa. Some breezes but still stifling hot. They felt isolated lacking in a community type area with a central park etc. Jaco was their "town" for banking and groceries, but no desire to hang out there. Not their type of scene. Any use of a.c. and their bill was over $250. I know peole who have lived in Nativa and their ac ran their electric bill up to $500. Back to our friends. 3rd rental house, now they are in Atenas and LOVE the cooler temps. They are very happy, enjoy the feria on Saturdays have that feeling of community, the central park, other expats. Basically there is not much to do, but you can volunteer doing things. Keep searching until you find where you will be most comfortable. I would recommend against a beach life. Looks like paradise from postcards, but it isn't.

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