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  1. Hello Nina, Let a friend of mine read the forum and he posted a reply. I'm Joe, he's John.
  2. Hello Michele....For what ever your reasons for visiting or relocating, I'm confident you will find that Costa Rica is a wonderful country filled with helpful careing people. I'm a happy and content American, living in a beautiful town called Grecia 40 min. NW of of San Jose. However finding those helpful non bias indivisuals is now becoming increasingly difficult. Together with my beautiful Tica wife we are sharing our sucess. We are offering consulting relative to housing, contruction advise, banking, utilities, legal, transportation and all other activities of daily living focusing in
  3. TG, such sage advice. It would be so helpful if all of your advice were available in one place... Please hurry and get your stuff edited/spell checked/ proof read/ translated/ paginated/collated/stapled, anything you have to do to get it out to us uninformed and misinformed. I understand that the demand for the next Harry Potter book is second only to the release of TicoGrande's "Everything you wanted to know that someone else asked". Please hurry...
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