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  1. I ran across it before but can't find it now.
  2. Can someone help me out with a template for permanent residency request letter? Many thanks!
  3. Good information! I am ready to apply for permanent residency. Must all permanent residents apply for renewal every two years?
  4. SteveJ

    First time in Costa RIca

    I took a 3-day retirement tour of the Central Valley on my first trip to Costa Rica. It was time and money well spent. I wasn't interested in tourist activities or real estate as much as I was interested in what it was like to live here. We visited most of the larger towns, the supermarkets, banks, post office, hospital, etc. An attorney gave a presentation and talked about applying for residency and other topics. A party at the end of the tour was attended by expats who took the tour and who are now living here. I have been living near Puriscal for 5 years now and love it! I still enjoy attending the end-of-tour parties and meeting people who are exactly where I was. (The ARCR discussion forum has been a gold mine of information as well.) Good luck!
  5. May I have a link to the sample change of residency request letter in Spanish that has been referenced in this thread? I have not found it with search. Thank you.
  6. What a cute pup Lucybelle! Rescued dogs always seem so grateful. I second suggestion of Territorio de Zaquates.
  7. Update - My new cedula was at the post office by the date promised.
  8. SteveJ

    Decrease in CAJA monthly payment.

    Mine decreased 2,666 colones (same as Carol), even after submitting proof last month with my cedula renewal that my income has increased.
  9. I renewed my cedula at BCR Escazu this morning. I began the whole process by calling the number on the BCR website last week and making an appointment. They told me what to bring, which BCR branch, and to be 15 minutes early. They wanted my current cedula card and a copy of it, the SS income letter I obtained by email, my US passport, original caja card and recent receipt. I handed her a copy of the caja card / receipt and she asked for the original - thankfully I had it with me. My picture was taken, both index fingerprints scanned, and I provided my signature. I was given a comprobante showing the date I can pick up the new cedula at my local post office (30 days). Total cost was around 78,000 colones. Even with my limited Spanish, the process was easy and only took about 20 minutes.
  10. Here is the link- https://costarica.usembassy.gov/mobile//service/federal-benefits.html#requestaproof It's in Spanish - comes from the SS Federal Benefits Unit in San Jose (the embassy).
  11. I just obtained my letter by email. It was in Spanish.
  12. Jessica - it's the San Rafael de Escazu branch. Is that across from WalMart? I have never been there and wondered about the parking situation.
  13. I made my appointment for pensionado renewal with BCR today. I called the number, asked for help in English, on hold for 15-20 seconds, English speaking rep took my info, set up the location, day and time of appointment, and told me what to bring (same as eleanorcr listed). I don't have a bank acct in CR but will need the info for my US bank acct. The entire call was under 10 minutes and was easy. Anyone experience parking at BCR Escazu?
  14. Me too - no problema at BN ATM.
  15. If I loan my car to a tourist non-resident friend, will my insurance cover them? I have the required marchamo basic plus additional insurance. Does the insurance cover anyone driving the vehicle or just the owner?

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