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  1. Fun to think about. Can't win if you don't play. Good luck!
  2. This forum was a gold mine of information when I made the move to Costa Rica. Welcome.

    My attorney would accept no money until I had cedula in hand. It did not take very long.
  4. I took a taxi to La Uruca for my DL and the driver agreed to accompany me through the process and interpret as needed. It went smoothly. For those who take the risk of driving there illegally and get caught, are they in any more trouble for, say 10 days past as compared to 1 or 2 days over? (I don't condone breaking the law.)
  5. Congratulations Ron. That was pretty much my experience. It is a Catch 22 situation - driving there without a license to get your license. Also, I think there must be confusion about the difference between "90 days" and "3 months".
  6. The Chili Fiesta is really getting to be a big deal with the new bigger venue this year. Any reports or videos? Did anyone here on the forum go?
  7. I have had good luck sending a receiving mail with the Correos. I have the same problem trying to find small boxes to ship things that won't fit in a large bubble envelope. It only costs half as much to send to the US from Costa Rica as visa versa, but takes twice as long (and no tracking).
  8. Toilet Paper

    I don't have a problem not flushing TP. Just an old habit to break and a new habit to start. If you install a bidet to do the job of TP - then what? Drip dry? Blow dry? Or use TP to dry? Again, you have TP to get rid of.
  9. They are beautiful and fascinating! I just bought a feeder to hang on my front porch. It's hard to imagine a band on their skinny little legs. Their legs are too skinny for walking or hopping. They can only take small steps side to side on a branch. In fact, how often do you see one sitting on a branch and not flying? I don't think I ever have.
  10. Looking into Google Voice. I have had the same cell phone number since the early '80's (starting with a Motorola 8000 brick phone) and would like to keep the number but drop T-Mobile. Calls can be made over wifi without T-Mobile using Skype or GV. Anyone ever notice cell phone sim card kiosks at US airports like we have here at SJO (Kolbi)?
  11. I kept my T-Mobile plan going when I moved here. From WalMart. $30/mo. unlimited text/data, 100 min. talk, .10/min after that. The best thing is I can make and receive calls to and from the US for free over wifi as if it were a local call in the US. Don't know if that's a T-Mobile feature or a feature of my Samsung phone? Not sure if it's worth $30/mo. though. I may drop it. I spend less than $5/mo. here with Kolbi prepago and use a iPhone 4s.
  12. Lucybelle what's amazing is that you found Salsa Lizano locally. The last time I was back in the US I searched the Dallas area hi and lo in some large Latino stores with giant selections of salsas. But no Lizano. Even on the internet or eBay, I found you can only get it from Costa Rica.
  13. The only expats I know who moved back didn't want to and did so for medical reasons. Though the quality of care in many areas here is equal to the US, they felt there would be more drug trials and experimental studies they could have access to in the US (for Parkinsons). Having Medicare may also be a factor. And Affordable Care Act - I don't know much about that.
  14. I submitted a birth certificate with my pensionado application that was a couple of weeks past 6 months old, but the apostille date was less than 6 months, so it was accepted. I was told that the apostille date must be less than 6 months, not the document date.