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  1. I'm a bit late with the congratulations, but congratulations! That's great news for you guys!
  2. I love your list, Gayle. The pericos are my favorite! I love that a group of parrots are a pandemonium of parrots -- never really appreciated that until moving here. I love those raucous rabble-rousers.
  3. Seems like there are two types of what we know as rubbing alcohol: the blue type that is apparently medicinal, and the clear one that is "multipurpose" and also used for firing up the old barbecue grill. I did a side-by-side comparison a couple of years ago, and decided I didn't want to buy the firestarter stuff to use on my skin -- can't remember exactly, but there was a difference in the ingredients. The esposo thinks the firestarter stuff is just fine, and that it's perfectly normal to fire up the grill and then go disinfect a wound or attack some zits. The blue one is harder to find tho
  4. Bwaaajaja, Lucybelle! I need more pachuco practice ... being married to a librarian is great for grammar but not so great for el lenguage del pueblo, jjaja.
  5. So nice to have an update, and wonderful to hear that you guys are doing well and your lives are on a good path. And as always: Yay, Perlita!
  6. And remember, birthday cancels out any calories, scientific fact. So seconds on cake, extra frosting. Ice cream.
  7. I did the happy happy wishes on another e-format, but just wanted to comment that her crazy workout and running schedule keep her looking way too young to be a mom to that herd of teenagers!
  8. I agree that in some ways we're taking a trip south in the proverbial handbasket, and it makes me sad as well, but I don't know that prayer in the schools and the pledge is the answer, or the cause of the problems. People love to insist that this is "a Christian country" and that the founding fathers were Christians, but that's not reality. The founding fathers were not all Christians, and the country was founded on the idea of FREEDOM FROM state-imposed religion, and freedom to practice or NOT practice whichever religion a person chose. (Well, that and the whole genocide of Native American
  9. True, for most of us, we can't just stop caring about the US because we ourselves fled ... er ... left. My kids still live there. My friends. Family. Tom, I think your post was spot on, for what it's worth. And I do agree with Riverjop as far as what happens in the US ending up having (sometimes serious) ramifications in other parts of the world. It would be nice to just escape the drama and politics for real, but, we're still part of a world that's becoming more globalized every day, and we still have loved ones up north. However, it depends on your perspective, as far as "nothing be
  10. I just want to point out that although David may, as he says, be an overweight, long in the tooth, anchovie-eating, liver hater, bygawd he's got fabulous gams.
  11. Well, you good people are just a wealth of information. Gayle, I shall think of you now as the Lady in Red. Wait ... I think I hear your theme song. And I'm definitely going to look into this whole "wine aerator" deal the next time I have a mule coming down.
  12. In my youth, it was Boone's Strawberry Hill. Is it any wonder I never rose to the heights of Wine Stewart?
  13. It's a particular wine from Trader Joe's, super cheap, but passable. The official name of the wine is Charles ... Somethingorother, thus the moniker. (I want to say Charles Schwab, but I know that's not right ...) Never thought I'd pine for Two Buck Chuck!
  14. Oh, I'm right there with you on Trader Joe's, Gayle! We could walk to TJ's where we lived. Miss it so much.
  15. I found Salsa Lizano in Seattle - not widely available, but it was at Pike Place Market. It was $14, and not even for the big bottle. I remember thinking I should set up a little business! I've asked Jorge why there's esposo-esposa, but not marido-marida ...
  16. English-language forum? Larn yew some English here or git on out? You know, I've steered clear of the recent explosion of trollism and troll bashing here, but as one of those silly people who has dared use the silly "esposo" moniker, I guess I'll throw my two cents in. Yeah, I know, sucked in. It happens. Put a notch up for me, Proz. Some of us live in dual-language, dual-culture households. The esposo and I use both languages in our relationship, actually switching every week to ensure it. While we personally choose not to do the Spanglish thing in general, I do think there are cer
  17. Yay, so good to know things are going well for you guys. Your list seems right on target, I think it's exactly what I would miss about CR and love about the US, point for point. My sympathies on the sun and the dark wake up times. Ugh. I'm so much more of a morning person here in CR - getting up at 5:30 or 6 doesn't bother me at all, and I don't even have to hit snooze. Seattle ... that place was a cold, damp, dark cave of hell in the mornings. I was so miserable and pissy getting up for work every day. So nice to hear about the dog-friendliness! Yay for Perlita! I so wish CR were
  18. CR is not secular, and the US "is", but it often feels that CR is the more secular country just in day to day living in certain ways. No one here is protesting women having access to contraception via the national health care system, just as one example. What's on the books doesn't always reflect the day to day experience. Just an observation.
  19. So this came up in my FB feed today, going back (sort of) to the original subject: http://www.iflscience.com/plants-and-animals/watch-hundreds-gnat-larvae-slither-together-snake
  20. That's pretty impressive, a Mastiff catching a monkey! Gorgeous dogs, but not known for being particularly fleet of foot. Wow, Buster! I'm glad the monkey made it back to the trees. Tonka is coming along really well with "drop it" so far, considering he just hit 5 months of age, but "leave it" (don't approach something at all) is always a little more difficult. The good thing (well, not really good, but just in this context ...) is that we don't have our own yard, we're in an apartment, so whenever he's out, he's on the leash with me, or in a small fenced park with cut grass on our street
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