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  1. Gentlemen, no worries ... I shall add a tear to my beer as I raise the mug in your honor. Gayle, yes ... I think I'm with you today on the taco salad. P.S. Gayle, I PMd you my digits, por si acaso.
  2. If you guys will be there, that firms up my resolve to go. I mean, you know how hard it is to convince myself to go ... ok, ok ... dang, you really do some insistent virtual arm twisting! We might not be there right at noon, but by 1 we could definitely be in burrito mode.
  3. This reminds me of when my parents decided no more electric heat: a Buck Stove was the thing. Live off the land, they said. Off the grid, it'll be an adventure, they said. Installed it, bought a couple of donkeys to haul up the logs cut by my dad, who'd never handled a chainsaw in life prior to the arrival of the Buck Stove. Long story short, the training of the donkeys proved a bit more difficult than Mom had planned on, and the toting of logs -- up a couple of hills and across a stream, great fun in the snow -- was left to my sister and me. Blankets were quite necessary at night, and woe to the child who was caught fiddling with the "real" heat. Good times ...
  4. Are there ever any vegetarian chilis? Hey, stop throwing those tomatoes ... The esposo loves chili, which he was introduced to during a visit to Seattle before I moved here, but I'm not a meat-eater, so was just wondering.
  5. I was for the Hawks, of course, and thought they could do it, but I'd thought it would be a really tough battle, and had expected a nail-biter. I watched the game with three ticos (did a rule primer first), an Austrian, and another gringo. The political commentary got heated at one point, the game, not so much. I'd have rather watched a tight game, but am so proud of the Seahawks: everyone said the Broncos would trample them, that they weren't ready, that Manning would send RW home with his head hanging, but they surprised the world and won in a huge way. Nice job, guys.
  6. So what's everybody doing for the Super Bowl? Election day is the same day, so the esposo is working as a fiscal, and since my Seahawks are playing ... we shall be going our separate ways that day. We went to Chubbs in SJ for the championship games, but ... that area at night alone ... meh. Not really feeling it. I keep thinking of that Chi-Chi's in Heredia, but they don't publish prices, so not sure. Also "they say' that the Fiesta Casino near the airport alwyas does a good SB night, but ... I don't know, a casino? Not really the casino type. What good places do you guys know about?
  7. Well, yes, I wish I could buy, but financially that's just not in the cards, especially with the interest rates here. But my situation is different than some though, being married to a tico. I'm not sure I'd want to buy if I were in a gringo-gringa relationship, or single. At least not yet. The esposo is about 5 years out from retirement, and the idea of paying rent with the little pension he'll get so our landlord can continue to go on cruises to Argentina and vacations to Italy, and continue buying more rental properties so he can have more renters ... sigh. Rent goes up every year, salaries don't; at least nowhere near the rent increase rate. We're lucky that our landlord does not take advantage of the full 15% he's entitled to every year, but it still goes up. So yeah, I'd like to buy. I would not, however, advise it as something to do early on. I'd recommend living here for at least a couple of years, if not more.
  8. That was the ugliest, most insane win ever. I wanted to see Seahawks - Broncos at the bowl, but we'd better not give a repeat of last night's craziness if we want to win.
  9. So it looks like we might head to SJ for the games today ... we normally avoid that, as the esposo has to go to SJ 5 days a week by bus already, and the buses that come home late at night for us bring us through Heredia, which seems to always take about 72 and a half hours. But ... it's the playoffs, whoo-hoo. We're probably going to hit Chubbs in SJ, or Ricks. (However, if anyone knows of anyplace fun in Heredia or Alajuela, I wouldn't mind avoiding that trip home from SJ ...) Anyone else heading out to watch the action? Go Hawks!
  10. First: Seahawks! Second: Has anyone been to the ChiChi's in Heredia by PriceSmart? I'm trying to think of where to go to watch the game ... I've a feeling they're probably pretty pricey. Anyone know about that? I can see their menu online, but it doesn't list prices. (warning, warning). There's a place called Nacho's in Heredia ... considering them too, but have never been there, if anyone has the scoop on them. Or if anyone has any suggestions of a good place to watch the game somewhere near Heredia or the eastern side of it, that would be cool.
  11. DemGems, you Sea Dat? jaja, yes, I was really happy, but I have to tell you, the Saints are my second favorite team, I root for them if they're not affecting the Hawks. So hoping we go to the Super Bowl this year! (make up for that 2005 fiasco with the Stealers ... "touchdown" my nalgas, Ben R.) Yes, I saw the game on the 2nd FOX channel ... which is the one we get with bad reception, but oh well, better than nothing. Next week I'll be at a sports bar to catch the action. On another note, my Spanish is much closer to sports-announcer level than it was last year, so I was happy about that.
  12. Does anyone know if the Seahawks/Saints game will air on TV today, and on what channel? We were going to go to a sportsbar, but the esposo has some meeting about the elections, and I don't really want to go by myself.
  13. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, Paul! OK, so the esposo changed his appt., we'll be at Jalapeños tomorrow (Tuesday) around 1pm if anyone is in the area jonesing for good grub. They're open until 5p tomorrow.
  14. Actually we just now got home, later than we'd planned (ever try to find a taxi after a championship soccer final? Ugh.) and the esposo says he's going call in the morning and try to change his appt. to Tuesday, so we may be there Tuesday after all, Colin. I'll update if so. Paul, shoot, I guess that means we'll have to come up sometime after you're back in this part of the world again, and eat more food there. Sheesh, the sacrifice!
  15. Hey all, super last minute, but the esposo and I will be at Jalapeño's tomorrow to get some of Norm's good grub. The esposo has an appt. in Alajuela tomorrow, so of course we won't leave the vicinity without our Norm fix. If anyone else has a monster burrito craving, we'd love the company. We're planning to run some errands and then be there around 1p, but we're flexible if a time adjustment could make meeting up doable for someone. Just thought I'd throw it out there, por si acaso.
  16. Ah, if only I hadn't "reached my quota of positive votes for the day", I'd have "liked" that one.
  17. Thanks, Paul, somehow the option was checked "only things I follow", which, apparently, is nothing, jaja. No idea how that got clicked. I've had my settings the same since I joined, and then one day, nothing. Anyway, all is well again in Forolandia.
  18. Hey guys, is it just me? The "View New Content" list that I've always used to check posts here has not been working for me for several days. When I click it, it says, "No new content found". So, no idea what I've missed ... I guess I could manually go through each forum category and sift through posts, but ... ugh. Am I the only one? No idea what happened with it.
  19. Interesting! I have always used "dreamt", but not spelt or learnt. I've always prefered "snuck" to "sneaked", so it was interesting to read how that usage snuck up on us (har har), changing to irregular instead of the other way around,as is more common. Here's a video about the differences in how some plurals form, and why, for example: goose >>> geese, but NOT moose >>> meese, jaja. Whoa ... I didn't know it would show up actually in the window.
  20. My, my, how ... intriguing. I'm certainly glad I've never smelt a smelt frenzy, as it surely would've been burnt into the dark recesses of my brain for the rest of my days. Well, at least the smelt machos don't seem in danger of being spurnt by their hembra companions ...
  21. Gayle, yes, spelt is a type of wheat. I know nothing of smelt, but I'm sure if smelt it, I'd know what it was. David, you found the missing words that were at the tip of my brain!
  22. In North America, it's spelled "spelled" (see what I did there? jeje), but if you're British, either "spelled" or "spelt" can be used. Kind of like dreamed or dreamt. There's another common one that's right on the tip of my brain, but eludes me ...
  23. The esposo says la ley de Murphy. Paul, good one with the Spanish nobleman's mistress. Ha!
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