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  1. Legs, no, he hunts them after they've been knocked to the floor by my wildly flailing limbs, and stunned by my screeching. Paul: Dog training is such an interesting topic, and one I could yammer on about until you'd probably want to give me an aversion jolt, jaja. Yeah, I actually am against aversion training. I'm a fairly experienced dog trainer, and use positive reinforcement methods. My daughter, however, trains gun dogs (GSDs), and she does use a mild buzz collar (I hate even writing "shock collar") for that. We've talked a lot about it, and I can understand the reasoning behind some of what she says in relation to hunting dogs, although a well known guy in that field did come out with an article saying PR training does work with gun dogs, and that's all he uses now, so there's change happening even in that arena. In order to teach a dog not to mess with snakes etc. in a place like this, I could definitely see why people might go the route of a shock collar in the interest of protecting their dogs in the big picture. I'm actually going to look into this a little bit more, the whole snake-etc. thing. I have trained a really reliable "leave it" command with my dogs, but with something live and moving, that prey-chase instinct can easily overtake reason or training ... further research needed! CRF: Interesting -- have any of them had any type of experience with the toads that would've taught them to avoid them, or do they seem to just do it naturally? Oddly enough, a toad hopped right onto my foot tonight -- first time that's happened -- and somehow Tonka didn't see it. I may have to trade in my flip-flops for some stylish crocs to walk the dog in. Is it only a certain type of toad with the poisonous secretions? Seaturtlewoman: Yes. A June bug attack generally leads to a good bit of frenzied flailing about.
  2. I sure wish there were a way to instill the Fear of Toads-etc. in dogs. You can explain it in big scary detail to a child, and teach them respect and caution, but dogs ... I love it when Tonka hunts and kills the June bugs whose ridiculous bumbling flight patterns always end with being tangled in my hair, but he unfortunately can't discriminate, and is a natural bug hunter. He'll just as easily snap up a beautiful butterfly, or a scorpion, or a nest of fire ants, or a poisonous spider as he will a June bug or a fly. He hasn't yet seen a toad or even a lizard, but I'm not looking forward to it.
  3. I just asked Jorge, and he said he doesn't know what they're up to, but that yes, he's seen that before, so I guess it's not uncommon here. Interesting! But ick.
  4. Our apt. is completely unfurnished, but does include water, cable, and trash, if that's even a thing that has a monthly bill here. (I've just never heard anyone mention paying a sanitation services bill here.) We pay electricity and Internet.
  5. Gayle, you can get hydrogen peroxide here. It comes in that small white pharmacy type bottle and is called Agua Oxigenada (Peróxido de Hidrógeno). I also found arnica liquid in the same type of bottle. The rubbing alcohol here has a very odd smell that I do not like at all, but I still use it. We buy the blue kind. What kind of horrifies me is that they sell the alcohol either for rubbing alcohol use or for starting fires and grilling! Same bottle, double use, what a bargain! I don't buy that kind, but the blue kind is probably sketchy as well.
  6. So excited for you! Ditto Paul ... I hope you'll drop by from time to time. So happy you'll be reunited with Perlita. Good, positive thoughts out to both of you, and please please keep us updated.
  7. I watched it and have to say I agree with a lot of it, for whatever that's worth with my perspective as a foreigner. I also agree with Lucybelle's earlier comment that some of these things could just as easily be said of my own country or other places in the world. I mean, the TV shows, as others have mentioned ... Honey BooBoo and whatever that Jersey Housewife thing is? The corruption, yes, definitely a problem here. The things said about the CAJA, the government, yes. The driving ... let's not even go there, but yes. I found it interesting that my esposo (tico) and a gringa friend who is also married to a tico and who is fluent in Spanish (much better than my Spanish), both said the part they really did not like was the end, where they had the text about why/how they hate the tico promedio. Both of them said in different ways that tying "hate" into it is divisive and doesn't promote change or coming together to resolve things. My friend said that part left a sour taste in her mouth. The esposo said yes, most of the things listed in the video are problems that CR has, and things that bother him personally. He also said that given the problems that other countries have, he'll take CR's problems, but that steps do need to be taken to address things, there's no denying that. He also said that he was surprised there was not a section on the effect of the CR media ... what they do and don't report, and how they report it, and what viewpoints do and don't get represented in the CR media. I didn't think the video was terribly inflammatory, as these are things that most ticos I know have talked about and recognized as serious issues. Regardless, they are not things that I personally would say, as an extranjera. In any case, I learned a few new vocabulary words that I hadn't known before: buchón, sobornar, biombo, rajón, and a few others. Poco a poco.
  8. Oh no!! I'm so sad ... I'm very glad we had the chance to spend some time with her at Jalapeños a few times. I always enjoyed her comments here on the forum, and she had a good sense of humor. I will miss seeing her at Norm's place and hearing her stories. Rest in peace, Shea.
  9. I admit that given my constant amazement at the tico fondness for ketchup and mayo on, well, everything, our dear Legs had me going for a second.
  10. When I had to ship my old buddy Mason to my daughter in Kansas before moving to CR (I knew he wouldn't have been able to handle the move here), I also took a Sharpie and wrote on the outside something like: My name is MASON. Please be kind to me ... I'm old and really scared, and miss my family. Thank you! I drew a cartoon of his face and a big paw print ... I thought it might make him stand out and make people at least notice that there was a real animal in there, not just a cargo box. Who knows the effect it had, but I was really nervous about sending him.
  11. Newsygal, there are quite a few threads here talking about cost of living, it would probably be really helpful to check those out, though it might be kind of a pain to find them. I am often surprised at how expensive things like food and electronics are here. I have friends who live in other Latin American countries, and sometimes am quite envious hearing them talk about the cost of living there, but my husband is tico, so ... I'm here, jaja. I live really "tico": no car, no A/C, no dryer, eating mostly beans, fruits, veggies (I'm vegetarian, so we don't buy meat, only fish occasionally), we rarely eat out, and when we do it's at a local soda, or occasionally at Jalapeños, the forum-famous Tex-Mex joint in Alajuela just because we all have our vices. With all that, I still find it fairly expensive to live here, much more so than I'd expected, coming from Seattle. I'm doubtful that $1500 is doable at a beach place. Anyway, check out the threads ... I can't remember names of them, but if searches for "cost of living" etc. don't turn up much, those threads usually had a lot of references to air conditioning, electricity, dryers, imported items, electronics, food, fruits/vegetables, ferias, monthly budgets, etc. A lot of them were pretty long, so you'll get a range of opinions and experiences. Good luck!
  12. Konotahe, I have no useful input on this topic, just wanted to say I'm sorry that you guys are going through such a difficult situation. That must be very stressful. Good thoughts to you both. Shea, I recently saw Breathe-Right strips at a little supermarket here. It's only about a year old or so, and it's small, but has a lot of items you can't find anywhere else. I cannot remember the name for the life of me, but we walk past it fairly often, so I'll make note of it the next time we go past it. (Something starting with "V", I think???)
  13. Yes, there's a huge Costa Rican community in NJ, and also a lot of ticos in NC. Oddly enough, when I lived in Hungary, I learned that there's also a very large Hungarian community in NJ. (Also Cleveland, OH, for some reason.)
  14. Paul, I lived in Atlanta for a couple of years as well, and used to tell my 2nd daughter, who was born there, that she's lucky I didn't name her Peachtree!
  15. Gayle, soo true about the Seattle streets! Why in the world are there four 40th St. NWs? Oh, I'm sorry, because if you went up in an airplane and looked down at them, you could then see that they WOULD be one street, if you could imagine that the school's football field, that shopping plaza, and that little lake weren't dividing it into four completely separate streets. How are you supposed to know which one you need? Never did figure that out. Don't know how many hours I drove up and down and up and down wondering if I were crazy, looking for a particular place. Finally someone explained it to me, and I learned to just go look for "the other ones". They also love to have 40th St. NW, 40th Place NW, 40th Ave. NW, 40th Court NW, 40th Dr. NW, 40th Blvd NW, 40th Lane NW, etc. That's not even taking into account the NE/SW/E/S etc. versions. Each possibly divided up into different parts. I've lived a lot of places, but Seattle was kind of crazy in that regard. I guess if you combined Seattle's craziness with CR's landmark insanity, you might have a workable system?
  16. We pay about $430 per month. We have real hot water in the shower and kitchen sink (by that, I mean not a suicide shower, but a little on-demand heater), but not in the bathroom sink or laundry room. We do not have air conditioning or a dryer. We live in a small 2bdm apartment, the only unit on the 2nd floor, high sloped beamed ceilings, nice breeze. The 2nd bedroom is probably the size of a large walk-in closet by US standards. We have a simple closet in each bedroom. One bathroom: tiny. Kitchen and living area is one combined room. No balcony. There is a tiny grassed area and a carport, but I don't feel like it's our "yard", since it seems to belong more to the folks who live downstairs. If we had a yard/porch/balcony, I'd be completely happy with this apartment. It feels bigger than it is to me, because of the high ceilings, and the fact that we get a lot of light, but it's really a small place. We live in a small town in the central valley. I'm sure this place would cost quite a bit more were it located near the beach. Good luck!
  17. Was that for me? If you were a true fan, you'd know I'm Tiffany ... I guess with those legs, you can call me what you want.
  18. I'm having trouble focusing with those sexy legs distracting me. Where's my fan?
  19. Gayle, Jorge is worried that people will think they don't have to vote now, that it's not that important anymore, that the race is basically "over". As others have said, the election is still going forward as planned, it's only the active campaigning that's stopped, so it's conceivable that the end to the campaign could actually contribute to an Araya win, rather than the race being over for him, depending on what people think of the announcement and who shows up to vote in the end. I saw today that he's about to go on a "gratitude tour" ... which to me is kind of like campaigning without campaigning. We shall see ...
  20. Well, I almost succumbed to a nap afterwards, and am hitting the hay early tonight. We were there, as were Gayle, Paul, and Shea. Norm's place was packed to the gills when we first arrived, but we moved after a bit to a larger table after it cleared out some. Great food and English/Spanish practice. No actual tears in the beer, but you guys were missed. Hasta la próxima ...
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