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  1. Here's the latest update to my inability to get a response from ARCR: nothing. I phoned aug 26, in which case i was told to email, so I did. then on aug 29, sept 4, and sept 12. I also wrote info@arcr on sept 12 (yes, just yesterday). then I wrote a post on ehre, in which I already have three replies. Forum: 3 replies in 24 hrs. ARCR: 0 replies in 14 business days. I put my member number in the subject AND body of my emails to them. i included my phone number in case they could not email me back. I TRACKED the opening of my emails, they were opened 7 times, just never replied to. I'd have called them again today, but apparently as Paul wrote elsewhere, their phone lines are broken too. this same thing went down the last time i contacted arcr too, though Karla and Ryan did eventually *eventually* reply. pura frikin vida i'm more upset with ARCR than I am with CR customs, whom is the problem I'm contacting ARCR about!
  2. mcmelon

    Food Storage

    Understood, thx for suggesting to call... I'll ring them tomorrow. I'm not expecting an exception, but they can't say yes if i don't ask. so, I'll ask
  3. mcmelon

    Food Storage

    I've spoken to my shipper, food is not allowed as an import item, and i'm wondering if by using a CR attorney i can get an exception. I'm already bringing in a container, i already have more than a years worth of food x 5 ppl, I'd much desire not to have to do that all over again. as an ARCR member, how do I ago about seeing what my options are here? do I utilize the forum, go somewhere else? thanks for your comments.
  4. Our religion requires we have 1 year of food stored. This is done at a rather significant time and cost. we're relocating to CR. We have recently joined as arcr members and just received our packet. is this where I'd ask this question: Is it possible to work with an attorney to get an exception on the container we're importing to CR, and an allowance to import dried, canned foods for our own personal consumption only?
  5. Great thoughts... No doubt helpful to the OP, and me. Sorry for the show of frustration, the question was just so specific and of seeming value that I just took the one reply as rather insulting to the op.
  6. Is visiting CR prerequisite to asking a question? this post is not about cash at all... Have you read th OP? If you already have this stuff, you would not want to buy it all again. Isnt this the right thread to ask such a question? Surely a forum is a good place to ask a preliminary question, so one can ask a shipper about details when the time is closer. If a forum is not the right place to converse, this would be a boring place, with every response being "ask a lawyer" or "ask arcr" or "go to the store and find out".
  7. My family of 5 is moving in 2012 to CR. I'm planning to import 2 bikes and a motorcycle, along with some electronics. I'm thinking, should I just move up to a container so I can bring more things like nice mattresses and appliances? If I bought/brought appliances, I'd get just what I wanted, use it here in the states for 6 mo, then ship when ready. Customs would be reasonable on used household items, and shipping about double what we already plan to spend. Downsides? So far, downsides are that we plan to rent first, and now we would want unfurnished. We'd just need to buy furniture upon arrival. Moving to another town may be more work. The fridge may not fit, etc. What else? Better choose popular brands in case repair is needed. Upsides. We would have paid less for nicer stuff. Not forced to look at furnished rentals only. I'd I DID bring appliances, would I want a gas or electric dryer? Electricity can be high in CR if you use alot. I hear nat gas does not exist, forcing a conversion to propane. But then a single tank on our property for grill, oven and dryer sounds nice... But unlikely to find in our first rentals. IMHO, we would want a dryer for some clothing, rainy days, and pure convenience at times. I realize many ppl here use clothes lines, and this question really is not debating that vs a dryer. If I did the container, I'd buy my chosen fridge, washer, dryer, dishwasher, range, nice BBQ grill, and then lease my home in the US as furnished w the stuff I have now. I'm afraid the above purchases in cr would be over 6k for nice stuff that would be ~4k here. Feedback pls.
  8. mcmelon

    Jeep with soft top-- theft magnet?

    oh I had not even thought about ppl stealing the stereo!!! yikes! I guess I don't think like a criminal. Where I am in KS, when I park my motorcycle, I tend to leave the key in it most places. 1st: a motorcycle is easy to steal with or without a key.... all you need is a screwdriver 3 seconds. 2nd: I obviously would not do this in unfamiliar areas... and in CR I really have no idea what is safe and what isn't when it comes to simple theft. I get the impression that petty theft and even theft of items in autos is just about everywhere in CR. thx all, I think this has been enlightening. I'd love to bring a jeep, but maybe I should consider doing that later, after I'm adjusted.
  9. mcmelon

    Jeep with soft top-- theft magnet?

    ya, that's my concern. in my visit to atenas (my intended destination), I did not personally see much reason to worry. however our guide was pretty nervous about leaving our suitcases in the back of our vehicle right in the central square in broad daylight... so that kind of re-aligned my compass. we did not leave our bags there btw... just the car we rented. when we visited, we did not bring our young kids. I think we overlooked the cracked sidewalks for the nice weather. overlooked the questionable driving styles for the feeling of adventure. being a protective parent, I'm concerned if our second trip won't be the exact OPPOSITE! after some media articles (many, not just one), my wife is concerned about the logic of moving to CR b/c we anticipate rought times in the world economy... especially if it's already more prone to crime than where we live now. I've heard of people's homes being robbed, cars would be even easier. But, I love the concept of having the dual top jeep in CR... with the soft top running a good part of the year so I can roll it back and enjoy the best climate on earth. but if that means I can't park anywhere, It's just the wrong car to have. if I went to jaco, I could just plan to put on the hardtop, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get broke into. for me, relocating to CR is about getting out and doing more. dirt biking, bicycling, visiting both oceans from time to time, camping, etc. my wife is concerned about getting robbed in the misdst of each of these activities, as we'd be camping from a nice jeep, biking on a carbon bike, dirt biking on a nice ktm. that would be the extent of what I brought with me, besides my computer and my home stereo... and maybe a suitcase of clothes.
  10. okay I guess i have two screennames - b/c I answered this on my other computer and it shows me as atenas52. interesting.
  11. It's kind of funny the wide variety of opinions based upon who you ask. I'm sure geography and ISP has something to do with the variance. I probably over stated my need for perfect internet, but gosh if I can't complete a single phone call without it dropping (like my first experience with voip here in the USA), I'll be in big trouble. It's just unprofessional. My home in the states loses power pretty frequently... which is the only time I lose internet. I will be doing skype and webinars too. I'd even pay for 2 internet connections as long as I knew that when one was down, the other wouldn't be down for the same reason (other than power outages at my home).
  12. mcmelon

    Jeep with soft top-- theft magnet?

    I hear what you guys are saying, and I basically agree - the soft top only simplifies theft of items in the car, and to a possible extent though a lesser degree, the car itself. what about the part where a white gringo family is cruising in a vehicle that is different than the terracans, gallopers, monteros, and the like. does that invite us as being a target for racism or other negative effects? I know locals (and even expats) often criticize gringos for trying to bring our culture to CR... which I understand and agree - you should ready to adapt, not trying to change things. would a flashy jeep invite such criticism? would having a nice looking imported car make us look rich and be a target for face to face robbery?
  13. great thoughts guys... thanks! when i see videos like this, it makes me think that mtn biking in CR is going to rock. the problem is, such trails may be tours only, or hours away. >
  14. I would continue managing my US business from CR, and that makes quality cell service, Internet access, and VoIP quality super important. Can anyone comment on those services in atenas? Grecia? Is it realistic to think I could use a 3G card, android ph or iPhone? Streaming video, go to meeting presentations, Skype, vonage, etc? Does it drop out often? Dropping off a VoIP or Skype call more than once in a blue moon would raise questions I don't want asked. Or am I being unrealistic here?

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