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  1. any suggestions on buying a vacation home....where and safe areas

  2. do you even live in Costa Rica?

    there are such places!!!

    we have been looking for awhile and we posted here to help us narrow down an area and maybe get some first hand experience!

  3. I'm new here and would like some info from people who "ACTUALLY KNOW".We are from Alberta Canada and are thinking of purchasing a home in c r.So our interests are.... -definately want a safe home.....gated community -Canadian community -within 45 minutes of international airport and freeway -we are under 40 yrs. so a retirement community might not be for us -no earth quake area/damaging storms or mud slide prone area -must be close to marina and exc. fishing -view of water would be nice -a private yard is a must!!!!! QUESTIONS: which area is the safest,best weather and would be our best match? -has anyone tried using their home as a rental property when they are not there? -are property management companies to take care of rental homes? -what's the best way to find a trusty realtor? Our plan in the future is to have a home that we can live in to miss these HORRIBLE Canadian winters. any info on this would be greatfully appreciated thanks Wayne
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