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  1. One good way to live in Costa is to check the US Embassy website (the one in Costa Rica) for available jobs. Keep checking. More jobs will appear eventually. Also, you can contact the US Embassy in Costa Rica directly for jobs, too.

    http://sanjose.usembassy.gov/jobs.html If this link doesn't work, just copy and paste it to your browsers. It shows what jobs are available now. More j...

  2. We are a young family of 4 and wanting to look at the possiblity of moving to CR! I need a basic description of the first steps. We have been researching and all I know is that I would first need a Tourist Visa to stay for a couple months, then what? If we decide to stay, what would be the process? ALSO, ....JOBS. We do not have a retirement fund or free money rolling in every month. So, would we be able to live in CR and find a local job? OR, would we be able to find a job FIRST, then be able to make the transfer to CR. thanks!! Alicia

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