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  1. I'm Michelle

    Costa Rica vs. Panama

    My gawd, what nasty people you are. Ever heard that if you don't have something nice to say DON'T SAY IT. I will research the way I please & if you don't; like it, that's your issues, NOT MINE. Thank gawd I've already met some VERY nice expats on here that aren't anything like you guys who seem to think you know it ALL, talk down to others & have a ton of anger in you. I feel like I'm in Canada with all the "know it alls". And here I thought people in CR were nice. I guess they were talking about the Ticos. No need to respond, I'm unsubscribing from this thread & I'm sure a moderator will do something nasty to me & leave all you "nice" people alone. Typical of these control freak forums where all the friends stick together & the nice people are afraid to post. Michelle
  2. Ellen, I have no idea whaqt you are talking about. Disillusioned about what??? So you think b/c you don't like CR I won't? Michelle
  3. Interesting, but I'm only interested in either organic OR produce that hasn't been sprayed with chemicals. I recently heard that's a problem & a lot of the food is processed? Very strange. Michelle
  4. So I'm hearing more about Panama & I want to hear from all the expats in CR why you chose CR over Panama. Does anyone know of any good Panamanian Expat forums? Thanks Michelle
  5. Thanks. I was talking landline, not cell. Take care Michelle
  6. You AREN'T allowed to run your business from home? I'm not talking a retail business, I'm talking an Internet biz. Michelle
  7. Hi all, 1. So I heard the cost of food has gone up in CR. Is this true? If yes, what kinds of food has gone up in price & why do you think it has gone up. 2, Also I heard there are organic farmers. Is organic produce readily available, or do you have to travel to pick it up? What about organic eggs, chicken & beef? 3. And, what kinds of veggies are in CR? I'm sure they are different than in NA. 4. Lastly,. does anyone know why Central & South America doesn't grow lemons, only limes? Thanks Michelle
  8. Thanks everyone, so you are saying it's just a matter of finding a house that has a line, or having them cancel it so I can get it in my name? Can you resend the link, it was a dead page. They are the only company & they provide the phone lines, cable TV & cable Internet? Michelle
  9. Oh, I had no idea you can't get a landline there. That's terrible. I actually figured out a way to make the calls, but I'm double checking with a mgr. to confirm the girl didn't give me misinformation. Read this... I already use them & I use their "Ring Out" feature all the time, which means you use their controller to dial the number, then it rings you back in your home/office & the minutes are deducted from your plan. I'm on their 1,000 minute plan & I can even call overseas for an hour & never go over my minutes. So today I decided to call to see how much it is to call CR. That's when I found out they have an unlimited plan, meaning you can call anywhere unlimited. BUT, it will only work if it calls your landline, so if you are telling me one can't get a landline, then this is a huge problem for me. I was going to ask how much a landline costs & if it has all the features we have here, 3way, call waiting, visual call display, etc. Michelle
  10. Do you guys use the Skype phone so you don't have to be tied to your computer? That's what I would want. I thought Skype was good, but I guess not. Why would Vonage be worse than Skype? So are you guys saying that the internet service in CR is not reliable & fast? What are the speeds, how often does it go down? I have to have a very reliable fast (as fast as I get here) connection. I thought CR already had that in place. Thanks Michelle
  11. How do you call from CR to the above countries without it costing you a fortune? Are there any flat rate unlimited long distance plans, or that's impossible to find? I know Magic Jack is one option, but it's not always reliable & from what I gather, you have to have a separate computer so it functions properly. Michelle
  12. I'm Michelle

    Moving My Stuff on a Tourist Visa

    Clearly you all didn't understand what I said or meant. I NEVER said CR should bow down to me or not have any rules & never once did I compare the US & Canada to CR. Since I feel I'm getting no help here, only attitude & talking down from some, I'll just stop posting. Thanks to everyone who was kind & took time out of their day to answer respectfully. Michelle
  13. I'm Michelle

    Postal Mail Issues

    Thanks everyone for all your help. Michelle
  14. I'm Michelle

    Postal Mail Issues

    Who said anything about me NOT accepting things are different in CR or being grumpy? Sounds like you are transferring your feelings you have for other onto me. I'm me & everyone else is everyone else. Thanks for telling me your mail situation. Michelle
  15. I'm Michelle

    Moving My Stuff on a Tourist Visa

    Listen I understand your caution & I don't want to have to go that route, but I can't believe CR is the ONLY LA country that has such strict immigration laws. Granted I haven't checked them all out, but I have researched quite a few & they all seem to have ways that one can eventually get residency without bringing in tons of money. $150k is a lot to have saved up if you aren't making at least $250-500k/yr. This makes me feel that Costa Rica ONLY cares about bringing in people who are well off. Whether it's b/c the rich Gringos who invested tons in real estate convinced officials to make it so CR becomes a country for only rich Gringos, I don't know, it just seems fishy that they are the only country that is like this. I have NO intentions of working for anyone. I'm an entrepreneur turned netrepreneur, so yes, I own businesses online & so far I don't make a lot of money, but I make enough to support myself on a month to month basis & this is one of my reasons for wanting to move to CR, b/c it's so expensive to live & survive over here. If I had another choice I'd jump on it. I'll check into the student visa, but I really have no intentions of going back to school, nor do I have the money to pay for schooling, so that doesn't sound like a plan. As for how I feel about illegals in Canada? I don't care. I care about my life & what affects me & while I don't like ALL the immigrants that have saturated the Toronto area, I assume most of them are legal, so my opinion has nothing to do with their status, rather their attitude & how they bring down the quality of Canada. I don't want to bring down CR, only improve it by me spending my money there & employing 1-2 Ticos. And I'm not prepared to marry a Tico (a total stranger) just to get into CR. If I knew the person well that's one thing, but I know no one in CR. I haven't even been there yet b/c there's no point in visiting if I'm not 100% sure this is where I want to move to. I find is so sad that the people of our mother earth have made it next to near impossible for people to move from their country to most other countries in Europe, North America, etc. I believe as humans of this earth we are all entitled to explore, move & live where ever we wish. I know a lot of you will disagree with me & that's fine, everyone has the right to their own opinion. If anyone has any other suggestions to help, please contact me. Thank you Michelle

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