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  1. 15k? most likely you can find something small smelly and ugly for that in an area where nobody wants to be. desemparados next to the highway in the scariest part of costa rica, things like that. for 10 k you can buy a very small (200 m2) lot in a beach area. f.e. uvita. for 5 k you might put a roof and some walls. so yeah 15 k can be enough for a place to sleep and brush your teeth.
  2. is no longer believed to be hiding out near the U.S.-Mexico border, but now may have moved farther south toward Central or even South America, a U.S. Marshal said. is this really news about Costa Rica?
  3. dear imt, topicstarter most people here react pessimistic when someone asks about an idea like you did. its partly because they see difficulties in their surrounding here, but its also a bit of a general mindset here. somehow the import-people here get depressed and full of fear is my experience. your cabina idea not a recepy to become wealthy, but its possible to make money with it, enough to make a living here. do the research yourself, there were some good advices here. it would be better to be milllionaire and only have to spend money here, but if its an alternative to getting sick over there, it might be not such a bad idea. keep up the entrepreneur spirit!
  4. Real story, seriously. A Costa Rican development-company (the engineers, a company that does the topography, submits the D1-permits, makes the plans, lets the tractors fix the roads, etc etc.) was working for the company i was active in. We were about the buy or not to buy around 40 hectare of land close to Samara. The engineer (as i call here the owner of this development-company, lets call him Mario to make it easy) managed the initial survey of the land and the initial lotification design. Mario came back with a nice seggregation-plan (what we always called -mistakenly- the masterplan ) of something like 70 lots, and the great thing was: 35 (5000m2) lots had oceanview, ---according to Mario--. Pura Vida. Kind of OK basis for a development-project. The land was bought. Well.... the first payment was done and contracts were signed. But anyhow we were bound to obligations, legally. Some weeks later, after some walking on the land..hmmm. the little map in the hand..huh? we should see the ocean now or not..huh...yeah we should..but..but...huh?. short version: instead of 40, only 9 lots have oceanview WHEN STANDING ON THE LOT. So....back to Mario: In a meeting he says: Yeah yeah I can explain... After some ununderstandable sentences he says: If you build a home on a lot and can see from the first floor the ocean, the lot has oceanview. Hahaha. Welcome to Costa Rica. You need an engineer or development-company to develop your project? pm me for the name of this company? Mario will be happy to help you.
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