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  1. Yeah expat, I certainly agree with you. This is we can call a rebellious attitude towards things what actually people show when we're doing something.
  2. Well dude, I usually use to monitor Soap Opera that covers almost each and everything about the US and according to their reports, inflation rate in the US although it is bit slower is accelerating day after day. Secondly, banks are involved in corruptions cases, for that, you can have instances of scams from the US. Although, not all, but yet many of them including their high level officials are involved in corruption and money-laundering. You can have their evidences by Googling online.
  3. Yeah exactly, but the thing is to look at the background of inflation, why and which factors are involved in it plus what are their interests. The rate of corruption is also accelerating in the US, but we never put an eye on that neither we do want to, because we are earning good, so why should we have concerns with the others, that's what peple have started thinking about. Isn't it?
  4. Have you ever thought about Why Dollar is not gaining more worth? What are the reasons in the background and what may happen if it keeps on dropping its worth?
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