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  1. Same up here, Ron. Everyone has a has a gun, either for home protection, hunting, or in case we get attacked by one of those 'momma grizzlies'.
  2. I've read that many ex-pats in Costa Rica are armed, regardless of the gun law. Have there been instances of ex-pats (Americans, Canadians, or Europeans) shooting home intruders in the past decade? What would likely happen to such a shooter in the Costa Rican courts? Note: I'm just asking the questions. I am in no way advocating any form of home protection nor any specific reaction to any crime. JP
  3. Pam, thank you for your thoughtful and articulate comment on my 'hope' thread.

    I've been reading a lot of past threads on this forum, and your comments are consistently excellent.


  4. Hi JP

    Our dentist is Dr Anibal Enrique Gonzales

    I have 2 email addresses for him




    hope this helps.

    His address is: Contiguo a Mutual Alajuela Tel: 506 2494 2215

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