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  1. If you house is going to be somewhere where you have to worry about streets and neighbors, I wouldn't risk not doing it legally. We are personally building our own house. However, our farm is in a place we can not even currently GET to without a horse (we've been putting in a road but it's not quite there yet) and an hour away from the nearest town. There is pretty much zero risk of people seeking permits finding us. And it was about impossible to get a builder to agree to come there and build (we tried). So, my husband is building it himself and hiring a few locals to help him out. However, he was a builder/ architect in the states so he knows what he is doing. The hard part is trying to adjust to the costa rican way of doing things. LOL That and hauling lumber to a building site that currently has no electricity or road. Building materials are more expensive here than in the states we have found. Our home is about 900 sq. feet with a large screened in porch for extra living area bringing it up to 1,200 sq. feet. I can give you the cost of what we are paying for all the materials just know it doesn't include permits, hiring a builder, etc.. If you'd like to ask costs of building supplies send me a message
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