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  1. Hi Brian,

    My name is Greg and I will be moving down to Costa Rica this January. I notice you live in Playa Coco. How are rentals in that area? It will be me and my dog, so I don't need a large place. Just curious if you knew. Thanks Greg

  2. Yep...leave it to us to find it. Good seeing you guys yesterday!

  3. There is always a back door!!!

  4. Paul - I have never heard of case law, but I would of had to assume unlawful carry would be incarceration. No?
  5. As with most states in the US, Conceal Carry permits are needed for open carry as well in Costa Rica. Now...Do you think all the guards running around w/ .22 caliber revolvers have permits? Negative.
  6. Maybe I spoke too soon as I received mine before the "new laws" went into effect. I dont know how they play into it now. I received mine August 09 after being PR for 2 months.
  7. rogerb - you do not need a certificate from the US. You need a police certificate from CR.I am not sure where you get it, though. My lawyer got mine and charged $30.
  8. We have York and they are a constant PITA. I dont know if it is indicative of the York brand or splits in general. Ours constantly drip water and need to be serviced at least once every 4 months so that it doesnt make a rattling sound. We have 6 in our house and everyone of them is a problem. They are 4 years old. One reason I am glad to be a renter in CR.
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