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  1. Having lived about 45 min from Nosara for about 2 years, we were indeed quite isolated. The dirt roads get old very fast. Nosara is a great beach town, and we went swimming (as well as surfing) in Guiones as well....I would definitely agree that it would be important to rent for quite some time before buying anything there....or anywhere else for that matter. We did purchase a condo, and were THRILLED to sell it and be able to move to a more "civilized" area, if you will...I had a "slip and fall" in June of 2013...broke my ankle and we were 6 HOURS from a hospital that could do the required surgery (in San Jose). Yes, Nosara has banks, and a grocery store or two...and a few restaurants...but really, not much else....well, there is a dentist...You can PM me if you like and I can put you in contact with a friend there who rents/sells real estate....I would be happy to provide you with more info. as well. Best of luck!
  2. We stayed there for about 4 days in Feb...it was great! Better prices online than at the desk. Gated parking....just great location!
  3. Hi there,

    I see that you used Jacqui to buy a vehicle and you live in Guanacaste. We will be there in 2 weeks and are using Jacqui also. Do you mind me asking what type did you buy? Diesel/gas? Make/model? We are having some difficulty finding one. Thanks!

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