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  1. Hi Gayle, Is there a particular brand you'd like to find? Based on a lot of research, I've been feeding my cat Innova food, which is highly rated. This is some info I posted a couple of years ago: http://forums.arcr.n...ica/#entry32986 (skip down to the "cat food" section.) Most of the places that sell Innova also have other food from the Innova line. (http://www.naturapet.com/) Some updates: - El Salitre Ferreteria now has the Innova cat food - it's now possible to find the large bags of Innova, which are a much better buy. They're not always in stock, however, so you best bet is to call the store and ask them to order and/or save one for you. Zoo Mascota gets it for me within a few days of a request. - another source of high quality cat food, even Natura's Evo line which is really hard to find, is a new "holistic" vet hospital next to the Bagelman's in Escazu (map here: http://puravidaguide...rant-in-escazu/). When I was there a week ago they had a very good supply of premium cat food, both dry and canned, including the large Innova bags. And if your shopping trip includes delicacies for the humans in your household, both Zoo Mascota in Lindora and the new Ezcazu hospital are very close to Automercado stores. As for PriceSmart, I'm pretty sure they don't carry the cat version of Kirkland's food. I'm at their Ezcazu location fairly often, including a trip this week, and always check out the pet food section and I've never seen it. UPDATE, Oct 12: Today the Escazu Pricesmart had giant bags of Kirkland cat food, as well as the Kirkland dog food.
  2. Well, here's what the law actually says. Obviously, the entire law is much more complex than this, but for retirees or actual CR residents, the provisions don't seem that complicated. In short (my interpretation - NOT legal advice): if you're covered by Medicare or a government health plan for veterans, that meets the mandate's requirement. If not, but you're a full time resident of CR (i.e., if you would qualify for the earned income tax credit IF you had earned income) then the mandate doesn't apply. And here's the actual language. #1) this is the mandate (note that it applies on a month-to-month basis): #2) several government programs including Medicare and Tricare are deemed to meet the "minimum essential coverage" requirement: #3) here is the part most relevant to expats who are NOT covered by Medicare or Veterans' health programs: #4 - so section 911(d)(1), which defines those eligible for the earned income tax credit, also defines expats who are exempt from the insurance mandate: The entire law is here: http://www.gpo.gov/f...-111publ148.pdf
  3. La Nacion reports that they've been arrested: http://www.nacion.com/2010-07-26/Sucesos/UltimaHora/Sucesos2461248.aspx
  4. I had very mixed experiences w/ Intercultura at Samara when I lived there. One class was a total waste because most of the students were young men from the US who were basically on a credit-earning vacation, and the instructor catered to their desire to speak mostly in English, and to learn Spanish vocabulary useful for picking up young Ticas in the local bars. They had some good instructors, but on balance I thought that the hundreds of dollars I gave them would have been better spent elsewhere.
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