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  1. It's done. As promised, here is a reference for how much it might cost someone to get raw land near the beach (just behind the ZMT) in the south Puntarenas region for lots up to about 1 Ha: $26/m2. Yes, prices are all over the place and this single data point doesn't mean much but here it is. Thanks to the folks on this forum who gave me advice along the way. Now I just have to figure out how to escape from the rat race so I can go build something on my lot and hang out there.
  2. Sorry if I came off obnoxiously. I know all about squatter violence. I knew the guys in Pavones in the early/mid 90's. There were a couple of deaths out there. Some of rural CR was the wild west back then... and I don't think that has totally gone away. I am not going to let anyone steal from me in CR without dealing with it myself, but that might not be a common approach.
  3. Hey Trevor, Mine charges $150/year for the corporate services. I guess it depends on what you get for that. My yearly maintenance fee includes: filing of income tax declaration for an inactive corp., minimum yearly taxes (I don't know what that means), fee for having my attorney's office appointed as resident agent. Seems like a lot of money for not much but actually I can get a headache that I'd pay $150 to get rid of and I think that trying to figure out how to do this myself would give me a headache every year so I suppose I'm happy to pay the fee for now. I've got bigger worries, like getting fluent with Spanish. Regarding the payment of taxes, my attorney advised me to get a CR bank account so that I can pay them online. You say you are out of the country right now, but next time you are in CR this seems like a good enough reason, on its own, to get a CR account. Does anyone know what kind of info I need to open an account in CR? Just my passport? I'm a US citizen, no residency status at all in CR. This is going to be interesting when I walk into the bank. "Necesito que abrir un... um... un... um... como se dice 'account'?
  4. Thanks for all the advice. I went ahead and made an offer and after a few counter offers we settled on a price. Kind of high, but I'm happy with it. After closing I'll post back with a price/m2 to help people who need to ballpark the cost of living near the beach.
  5. You should fly down there immediately. From what I've read it is more difficult to get a squatter off of your property the longer they have been there. I forget the magic number of days quoted in that book "The Legal Guide to Costa Rica", but it is not long. After a certain amount of time then it can take long and difficult legal action to get them off and there is no guarantee you will be successful. I was friends with guys living in Pavones back in the 90's. They had what was basically a war with squatters and a few people got killed. Foreign landowners had to keep armed guards. I'd guess that such a crazy squatter issue as that isn't likely to occur again in CR but you never know. You need to nip this thing in the bud. If it were me I'd assume the trespasser knows all about squatter's rights and that they are trying to steal the property. I'd approach them politely but firmly. Extremely firmly, and then I'd kick their butt off the property. I don't know how it is in your area but where I'm about to buy there is a community of landowners who watch each other's back. When it comes to some issues the law is not around... it is a rural area and thieves are dealt with in the appropriate manner, etc. Hopefully you have a local community of concerned landowners who can help you out. Report the trespasser to local law enforcement, assume that they aren't going to do anything about it, and go kick that squatter off your land in no uncertain terms. If you are not a scary dude then take some with you. Even if you are scary then take some backup. Having squatters is bad for all the landowners in the area.
  6. Hello, Has anyone here ever queried the CR bar association to verify a CR attorney's license to practice law and that they are in good standing (no disciplinary actions taken against them)? I used their website at http://www.abogados.or.cr/ to submit a form with a request for such information about my attorney but no answer. I'm assuming the form either went into a black hole or that the person who deals with questions through their website will deal with it maƱana. I'm finding out how horrible my Spanish is, now that I am trying to do something more complex than travel so I haven't telephoned the bar. Should I just get someone who speaks Spanish to call them for me? Or have any of you found a way to do it via email or through their website? I got my attorney through a reference so I'm confident in him, but not yet confident enough to put all my money into his escrow account. On the topic of escrows.... did you folks just use the escrow account of your attorney's firm or did you go with some well-known CR escrow company? What are the well known CR escrow companies? Any info appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I've been shopping for about a year.... I'm seeing empty lots from about $25/m2 for less desirable lots to over $100/m2 for ones that could star in a travel magazine. I was thinking that $25/m2 for the low end was ridiculous but perhaps not. I suppose that gringo demand for CR real estate will remain high. The other choices in Latin America are pretty grim unless you go all the way to South America, as far as I'm concerned. As far as I can tell the only other logical choice in the region, if you seriously consider corruption and violence, is Panama. I fully agree with spending time in CR before buying. That "House Hunters International" TV show is just ridiculous. There was a marathon of those shows a few weeks back and they showed 4 or 5 CR episodes in a row. Here is one of them: Texan dude with a wife with makeup and long fingernails. Had been on some sport fishing trips to CR and then flew down and spent 3 days to find a Texan sized house that had plenty of space to entertain. $700k budget. They didn't attempt to speak a lick of Spanish. I guess these people really exist, but that ain't me. I've lost count of how many times I've been to CR. I'm ready to buy for sure.
  8. Hey folks, I'm wanting to buy and I'm having a hard time getting a feel for the "real" price of raw land in CR. I'm thinking about lots of about 5,000 to 10,000 m2. Near the beach (just behind the ZMT). Off grid, so no electricity and water is from a well. South Puntarenas area. The asking prices are all over the place. Are there any recent buyers out there who would care to say how much they paid per square meter? Even if it doesn't fit this description I'd be interested in hearing some numbers. Would a real estate attorney who is familiar with the area be a good person to ask? Or are they keeping that to themselves? Where do I get help for this sort of thing? I'm joining ARCR as soon as I can find my passport and get the # out of it because I want to get an attorney referral.... would ARCR help with this sort of thing? Thanks!
  9. Hey man!

    Hang in there. There are some pretty helpful folks on this forum. I'm pretty new to it but I've already gotten a few solid tips that are going to help me in my CR property search.

    I recently decided that I'm going for it and I'll buy a place in CR... after years and years of idle dreaming.

    Good luck w/ rehab. Don't skimp on...

  10. The new release Star Wars Lego video game: Lego Star Wars III The Clone Wars http://videogames.le...ts/Default.aspx My kid says that everyone wants this one. He says, "You can throw your lightsaber and cut through walls and make the troops do your bidding."
  11. Hey Paul, Thanks a lot for taking the time for the informative response. I'm definitely joining ARCR and I'm going to use their attorney referral service. My spanish is fair, but not good. I can't walk into a party and have a meaningful conversation so I know I'm not at the point I need to be in order to conduct business. That deal in which ARCR has someone help with house hunting might come in handy. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the heads up, Roger. That's exactly the kind of dirt I'm looking for. I'll stay away from the local attorneys then. If there are plenty of shady attorneys in Pto. Jimenez and Golfito then I'm not really interested in wading through to get to the good one. As for dealing with the nice guys selling property... I am on 100% alert status and have been from day 1. The nicer they are, the more I wonder what they are hiding. I'll be staying away from IDA land too... thanks for the reminder.
  13. Hello, Has anyone had a good experience with an English-speaking real estate attorney in Golfito or Pto. Jimenez? I'll request a referral through ARCR but thought I'd see if any of you had any opinions. Thanks!
  14. I'm a whitewater kayaker and I've seen some big rises in streamflow due to rain, especially in climates with extremes in rainfall like the desert and the tropics. You may want to look at some topo maps to figure out how big the watershed is for your drainage. If the watershed is small then you could be good to go, especially with a nice porous volcanic geology. A large drainage in an area that occasionally gets torrential downpours is cause for concern. Hopefully, your spot is safe. I first saw the following pics on my local kayaker forum. They are from Mag-Aso Falls on Bohol in the Phillipines. They show a trickling jungle creek turning into a raging river in a matter of seconds. I guess it rained hard in the mountains that day. I've seen it on video too. It killed 2 people who were playing in the water before the flood. I think about it when I am hiking "to the waterfall" in various locations around CR. You can probably find video online if you google enough. Here is a link to a sequence of photos: http://bigsingapore....-2-silently.php
  15. Hey Savannahjo, I just noticed that you are from Golden, CO. So am I. I love Golden for the kayaking and the small town feel. I have been dreaming of my own place in CR for some time and my wife and I are getting really close to going for it. I only wish that Frontier Airlines flew that non-stop DEN/SJO route year-round. Could you post a reference for your real estate attorney (assuming that you would recommend them)? If you don't want to post it could you PM it to me? Thanks! Good luck on your new place!!!
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