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  1. Congradulation on your purchase. I am looking at property in Uvita. Where did you buy? It sounds like your adventure has just begun.
  2. Thanks for your complete analysis of the area. I understand your expression of gringo thinking that 4x4 will protect you. Your right they'll carry things out one piece at a time. Looking at land prices lots in the Dominical area are cheaper than in Uvita. I am looking at lots in the mountains with an ocean view. I am looking at 2 developments owned by gringos in Uvita and they will finance the land purchase. I don't think the Ticos know what means. So far as quiet - that's what we like. The beach would be for visitors and kids. We have a horse, and are looking at lots 2-4 acres. We're not bringing the horse unless we moved full time, but we like privacy. Thanks for your advice. Pura Vida
  3. I'll repost my question on internet questions. I have school age kids. I was in Panama last year looking at properties and schools. One item that came up was 99% of the kids end up going to the states for college. So it doesn't make any sense to move while kids are in high school. That's why I want to buy a lot and build later. I would probably spend US winters in CR and go from there once kids are in college. By the way the one developer I have been talking to on the phone in Uvita is talking to me through Skpe - so he most have an internet connection. Thanks.
  4. I just read the article about the airport in the southern district. It says it will allow private planes to land there. All I need to do is buy a plane!!!! I bookmarked the site as it has a lot of good information. How long did it take for the Liberia Airport to be built with tourism increasing? It seems to be a catch 22 more expansion more infrastructure. And yes this will be my first visit to Costa Rica. Last year we were in Panama in November-now Costa Rica. My family is excited. Thanks for your input. I'm glad I found this site.
  5. Thanks, your right about the roads. I'm renting an SUV from San Jose and I will be driving on all new roads to Uvita. I see that bigger developments have utilities with wifi. Do you usually get internet connection with satellite cable TV? Are most of the phones I call for small hotels cell phones or hard wired? I agree that buying a vacant lot alone will require a lot of research. I am looking at developments with 10 to 70 lots.
  6. I received a prompt to say hello-so here it goes. I have 2 teenage children whom are close to college, but not yet.When I found the southern part of CR has mountains and close to the ocean, I began investigating. I like planning ahead so even if I don't build for 5 years I will have land that I purchased.It looks like southern CR is poised to grow and appreciate-so I feel like I'm getti...

  7. I've read his website it is very complete. It stands to reason when a newly paved road (which seems rare in CR) there will be more people traveling it hence more crime. I think no crime to some crime is not a concern. I am looking at properties in the mountains where you need a 4x4 to enter the property. My question is about the investment value of this area and quiet lifestyle. I know they built the Hospital de Osa in the immediate area and are working on making the Palmar Norte Airport an international airport. So I like that the beaches are quiet now and that the infrastructure will improve in the future.
  8. I have been looking at property in Uvita on the internet. I will be coming to CR in November with my family. I see there is land with owner financing - allowing me to build later with no large money commitment up front. I see they have built a new hospital in the area. I like to be in the mountains and have an ocean view. This area seems perfect for that. I would like to here others opinion on this area. It seems prices are low, but slowly rising. Thanks.
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