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  1. You might try Banco General. We had a mortgage through a bank that was acquired by Citibank CR. Citibank CR did not want to be in the mortgage business, so the sold all their dollar mortgages to Banco General (a Panamanian bank) who wants to get into CR. They seem to have a mortgage department. FYI, in 2007 I used Ross SvebackLifeStyle Mortgages'for the way you want to live'phn - 651.426.1310fax - 651.340.7773www.LifeStyleMtgs.comLifeStyleMortgages@comcast.net to get the mortgage at a CR bank. I have no idea if he is still in business.
  2. I received an official looking email from Banco General (Panama)saying they purchased all of Citibank's dollar mortgages. It goes on to give instructions as to how to pay my future mortgage payments. The ways include, going into CR Banco General offices, continue paying Citibank until the end of the year, or transferring funds into Banco General accounts at several CR banks. Can someone confirm this is real? Seems like a damn good scam to pull; getting people to transfer money into a fake account. I think this is real, but some proof other than an email would be a good thing. Please reply with some sort of proof that passes the smell test.
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