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  1. Where is this website? Did I miss something.....again.
  2. Thanks very much for your considered reply. I am sure that over the years you have offered the same advice over and over again to CR wanna bee's like us. We have only been to CR twice and are very wide eyed about the country, so I would like to know what about the country is not to like? I have read that over 40% of people that migrate to CR wind up leaving. Why is that? We cannot retire for at least three years and I guess the fear is that if the property values continue to climb as fast as they have been on the NW beach area we would not be able to afford anything by then. We were considering purchasing bare land in Arenal as a hedge against this. We could not afford to spend 6 months in CR until after we retire, at which time if we found that we did not belong in CR we could sell our property and go. That is why I am asking your opinion on the investment potential of the Arenal area. Once again, thank you for your guidance. It is a scary thing to invest your life savings in a foreign country. Your being there makes it a lot easier. I am signing up today!
  3. We have just returned from our trip around Costa Rica and think we like the North Lake area of Arenal for a place to set up a business and a life. There are many opportunities along the hyway for land purchase where a house and business could be located to service the tourist industry. We were told that a Marina is scheduled for the area in the next 6 months and that a lot of development is on the way between Neuevo Arenal and Tycoon Gift shop. We were told this by a real estate salesman who we are aware makes it his business to create a sense of urgency. Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of the area, its potential as a tourist development, climate, opinions on the investment potential or any comment at all? We are very worried that if we wait too long the investment opportunities could be over as we found them to be on the North Pacific coast. Propertry values seem quite reasonable here comparatively.
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