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  1. How about some Robert Munsch, Dr Suess, Berenstain Bears. All favorites when kids were little.
  2. When I was asked to bring books back from Canada I was told explicity not to bring Harry Potter. Something about "magic and spells" etc doesn't bode well with the catholic religion.
  3. Ummmm I believe I just posted on your subject of "Applying from Canada" and the difficulties you were having. I guess from this post that you are here now. Did you change your mind about applying for residency?
  4. We live in Grecia. My husband goes to a place that is directly across from the Delta gas station on the main road in/out of Grecia. He says it doesn't look like a propane place from the outside. We took a new tank as well when we first got here but they do not fill them there so it is an exchange only. The gentleman did give us back one that looked almost brand new anyway. I beleive the last time we paid 7,000 colones but it does fluctuate based on the cost of propane.
  5. I noticed you said you were only taking a carry on. I know when travelling from Canada to any international destination they will only allow you 100ml of liquid. You might want to check into that before you pack and end up having to get rid of what you bought. Enjoy your vacation!
  6. I'm here in Canada and a co-worker is getting married in CR on May 11th. She found out yesterday that the guitar player they had arranged for has cancelled on them. Can anyone recommend a guitar player? They will want the person to be able to play english songs. They are getting married on May 11th at Hacienda Pinilla Playa Langosta. The player would be needed from 3:30pm till 6:00pm. Thanks
  7. I can't seem to upload a photo for my profile on this site. It was 600px and when that didn't work my husband made it smaller, I think 300px, and it still won't upload. Anyone have any suggestions? Does it matter that we have a MAC. I know sometimes there can be issues specifially related to MAC's Thanks
  8. This is a question for the ladies on the forum. I currently have solar/acrylic nails and was wondering if these are common in CR. I know it may depend on where I will be living but just in general what do the CR women like to do to their nails if anything? Guys if you are in the know please feel free to comment
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