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  1. There is a place in Alajuela with the most veriety that I have seen anywhere. I had to go there for my dogs food as well.. I can't remember the name, but if you drive by Wallmart (on right) towards town (going away from airport) it is the first or second left, about 2-3 blocks down. There is a big warehouse/garage like pet store on the left with tons of brands and all kinds of pet stuff ...more than I have seen anywhere else. At least if you get in the general area you will find it with some help of people around. Good luck
  2. Hey Mark, How goes it? Did your stuff end up making it ok? I am back in OCt for a coupel weeks, then Jan - may! Hope things are well


  3. Last month in Jaco, I was asked to place my hands on a police car and patted down like a damn felon. I do not do drugs and I do not have any kind of "look" that would lead anyone to believe I do them. The cop actually tried to place his hands in my pocket to check for whatever...of course I stopped him and told him to take his hands off me...I turned my pockets inside out and showed him I had nothing and he just walked away. I have been told by locals that the police are hoping to find drugs or anything on you so that hey can get you to pay them off to let you go..a terrible way of do
  4. Thanks for the advice. The house is already built, but the yard goes back to a creek (not quite a river, unless it is raining like crazy ) It has been there for almost 5 years and I was just wondering how much back yard I had to use for any add-ons... thanks again
  5. Does anyone know where I would find the laws that relate to building near a river in Costa Rica? (Pool, Storage, room add-on, etc.) I am trying to figure out how far from the rive behind a house I am looking I have to be for any add on... thanks for any info!
  6. Thank you all for the feedback! Those are the laws I was hearing about I'm sure... I have a hard time believing that the real estate is at the bottom, but it has to be getting pretty close..<br style="">
  7. I have been considering buying a place down there for about 6 years…I visit yearly for 3-4 weeks every Feb. and have really fallen in love with the Pacific area between Jaco and Parrita. Obviously prices have come down with the US and world economy, but I am a little concerned about any other reasons for the pricing downfall I may be missing…. I have heard some chatter about new laws for foreigners recently that are not as favorable, but can’t seem to find what they are to determine if they would change my mind. My main concern is if I am missing something with the pricing going
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