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  1. Okay my question is: how does one buy a car over there,do you usually buy from a dealer and how much would a good reliable one average? Is it right that a yearly sticker is $900.00?
  2. Well lets see,I am 52 hubby is 59 so hows that work? So what are you paying arcr for? I too have osteo and take bone med for that, among other meds. Hubby doesnt at the moment,so its me were concerned about. Is the private insurance alot higher verses the CAJA(what does that acually stand for)?
  3. okay,so they say for a small fee based on what you make for the national health system. Do you know about how much per say? So is the private health real expensive? Trying to get some questions answered before we acually commit to moving there. Theres so much more involved than we thought,but learning alot from great people. I'm so gratefull for all the info guys.
  4. thanx for all the response. My other question is,does anyone use the national health system and how is it? Can you get an app fairly quickly? Can you get most meds at the pharmacy with or without a perscription,such as migrane pills,prempro(female hormones),cholesterol etc.
  5. Can you use the mail in pharmacy for meds while living in costa rica? Anyone know about this?
  6. need help from retired military,need to know about tricare standard and mail order pharmacy

  7. Is there any retired military that can answer a question in regards to tricare standard

    1. sueC


      Need to know if you can have meds sent to costa rica by the mail order pharmacy with tricare?

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