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  1. I've come to accept that predicting currency movement is impossible. Not long ago the Canadian dollar was to "plateau" at 1.10 US. Geez I remember paying 1.50 CAD+ as a kid. Buying vs building...another crap shoot. We were lucky building what we wanted, where we wanted, on time on budget. But there are lots of building nightmares out there, in CR AND Canada. Take your time, keep both eyes open, get lots of references. All you can do is minimize the risks. We have no regrets.
  2. We live "on the beach". When my wife is not here, I can live without AC and actually reach for a sheet or blankie at 2AM. My wife likes 22C at night. We pay approx 350/mth (with pool pump). I think the culprits are; 1. AC 2. pool pump 3. cooking with electric vs gas (next time) 4. dryer 5. everything else We do live on 1500/mth BUT we own our house.
  3. We've been in Nosara for 5 years now, in Pelada. We love it and cannot think of anywhere else we'd want to be. Monkeys, Pizotes in the back yard almost daily. The "American Project " is a bit off a misnomer. It's not a "gated community", though yes, there are lots of gringos. It's not for everyone, yes a bit isolated. The roads are the worst in the country, but asphalt is creeping closer every year. We are in a very quiet corner backing onto the preserve. We see/hear no cars except our one neighbor. Closer to the beach in Guiones, you'll have much more traffic which means dust. Actually the dust is somewhat extreme on the main road in the dry season. Like everyone says, it is a much better idea to rent before buying. You could do a month rental and look around for something long term. It's easy to buy and hard to sell. There are doctors in town but the hospital (caja) in Nicoya is 1 hour away. CIMA is 4.5 hours away, although the CIMA in Liberia is open but I don't know what they offer. Nature Air and Sansa service Nosara daily. Crime here has made the news although we have had NO issues. IMHO the crimes are mostly those of opportunity. Don't leave your stuff lying around and it likely won't disappear. So it really depends on what you want. I would really stay away from business here until you really get to know the landscape. I'll answer any other questions you may have on the forum or PM me. Rob in Nosara
  4. Thanks for the info. Lots of sun where we are (except today!).
  5. Every time I scald my feet with the garden hose, I wonder why we're heating water with electricity. Can someone share their source of a good Solar Hot Water installer? I can't seem to make the ROI make sense for PV Cells. Tks Rob
  6. We brought down a garden sprayer and were able to find "Dragnet" locally. We apply it ourselves unless they are on the roof. Dragnet is about 6000 c that makes 8 liters. It has good reviews and seems to be effective. Does not smell too much. Being from Montreal, dealing with termites was a new experience. At least they announce their presence by leaving those mud tunnels.
  7. We can get it here in town for 8000 per bag. I just find that pricey. The DO IT in Liberia was a bit better. I WAS hoping for a reasonable source in San Jose that I could visit when we do a Price Smart run. But at the end of the day we don't need to replenish the salt frequently, so I should probably just buy local and enjoy. A puzzler to me is that we can sit outside at night, in the jungle, and have very few bugs.(albeit with outdoor ceiling fans) We cannot do that in Canada in the summer without getting eaten.
  8. We had a really nice house built by a "primo" architect and builder. Everything exceeded expectations, except the septic! The system is so loose that it vents all over the place, and yes, we get odours. If I had 1 do over, it would be insisting on a NA style plumbing stack and vent. I did specify P Traps on all drains, but when you take a shower upstairs, you can hear the water freefall to the ground level. So P Traps, not really. And pipes in concrete are not an easy fix. So...live with it. And not flushing TP was one cultural thing I could not embrace. Our digester is large enough to take grey and black water with TP. Off topic but the best tip we received before building was to maximise the outdoor space. We did and that's where we spend all of our time, rain or shine. Second best tip was to go with a salt pool vs chlorine. It is fantastic!
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