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  1. Sorry for the late response. We asked at the local office and received a "no". You have to pay even when out of country. As we know, a "no" can sometimes mean "it depends" but we decided to just keep current. Then, we were, for some reason, unable to pay online while in Canada and I was concerned about entering CR seriously behind in our CCSS, but there was no problem. Once in country we visited the same office, paid up our arrears and all is good. Not definitive, but as close as you can get here, depending on..... RobK
  2. Looks like, for the second time, we have an invasion of millipedes. They emerge around 8PM and get everywhere. They do not bite or anything but there are a lot of them. I had some temporary success with dragnet around the perimeter of the house, but after a few days they come back. It seems that the population goes through a cycle of 3 or 4 years. Has anyone had success with a product or process? I have done some research. We do not have piles of mulch close to the house and have fairly good windows and doors. Thanks y'all Rob
  3. RobK

    renting out property

    If your house is under a corporation, technically I believe it would need to become and "active" corp. With that I think you'd be open to CR income tax although the rates are low. Or you just lay low and hope nobody notices. But I do recall the day that a Nicoya municipal truck dropped by and asked us tons of questions. As for Canada, your income tax asks if you have a foreign property worth more than 100K. Dive deeper and it says that if the property is for personal use only, it is exempt. So if you rent it it asks that you declare it. Add to that the increasing communication between banks. I did read that later in 2018 CR banks will report banking info to Canada regarding Canadians with CR Bank accts. What info I don't know. I am looking for a tax attorney to become better informed as it turns out that everything you read on the internet is not true. Who knew?? We are wading through all this as we speak. We did use airbnb and a local property manager with some success. I just wanna be careful. A longer term rental would concern me regarding tenants rights, which in CR are considerable. I am certainly no expert and I could be concerned about nothing, but... Rob
  4. Nosara is a beach community with an expat population. If easy proximity to larger towns is a priority Nosara might be too remote. It is generally expensive but there are lots of lower cost options for longer term rentals, best discovered when here. If you want to unplug, walk wonderful beaches and make some new friends, it may be an option. The surfing/yoga vibe is still alive and well. We love it but it is not for everyone.
  5. It's not really a question of reducing the CAJA. Our situation may change so that it makes sense to visit CR as a tourist. Not sure yet. Just becoming informed.
  6. Good day esteemed forum members Have searched for a step by step for the above but only found the reference to the migra wording that you apply in writing to immigration to cancel your residency, present your cedula and ask for your deposit back. Sounds simple but; Does the request need some colorful stamps? Is it just a signed letter in Spanish? How long does the process take? How do they notify you that you are no longer a resident so you can stop paying CAJA. There was a reference to iMark having detailed this but I cannot find it. Seems that if you do nothing your residency will be cancelled but I need to do it cleanly so I can enter/exit CR without issues. Gracias all Rob
  7. Thanks I will stop by today. If anything different than above I will report back.
  8. I thought I had read somewhere here that you could suspend CAJA payments when out of the country. Can't find the right thread. Has anyone successfully suspended their payments? How? Is it another "depends on who you speak with and how they feel that day?" Or something firm? Looks like we'll be out of country for 6 months. FYI...pensionados. Gracias Rob
  9. I went through this and based on recommendations from this forum I obtained a letter from an accountant in CR, in Spanish, complete with stamps, confirming my pension. I went to Migracion in Liberia and had no problem. But as always in CR, YMMV. I had an unsatisfactory experience with BCR Nicoya.
  10. So it sounds like it is two separate unrelated streams. My cedula expires in March 2018. I think I'll go ahead and renew my temporary and apply for permanent at some later time. As I and others have noted, an expired cedula can be a problem. My bank refused a transaction because I had only 30 days left on my previous card. For driving we are back and forth often enough that I always have a passport stamp less than 3 months old. Just when I thought this time would be easier! Thanks Rob
  11. We are pensionados. Our 2nd renewal is approaching this year so we will also apply for permanent. I understand the letter and deposit. We will use Liberia. But if it can take 3 months or longer, we use an expired cedula until the permanent one is ready? Do we get a comprobante? Our bank gets flustered when presented with an expired cedula. And just read that we can apply for permanent 3 years after our first approval...correct?? We do not wait for our 2nd expiration. Thanks Rob
  12. RobK

    Building a PreFab House

    I find SIPs really interesting but wonder about termites. They do not eat foam but can tunnel through it. And what are they skinned with? In northern climes OSB is common. Here the termites would LOVE it. I read that one manufacturer had its foam infused with pesticide but then you are living in a toxic environment....I think. We considered Insulated Concrete Forms years ago but 1. they were new to CR and 2. same foam issues as SIPs. So we went concrete block and suffer the lack of insulation. Q Can you provide the brand of SIPs used here? Gracias
  13. We did not become a non resident of Canada because I still have a business there plus property etc. My concerns are more here in CR and filing CR taxes. BCR said I can only receive a max of 1500 USD monthly but I think that is a bank regulation not a federal regulation.
  14. RobK

    Marchamo question

    Just to close the loop, I did drop by the INS office in Nicoya in our rental from the airport and left 3 minutes later with my sticker. The interest paid was minuscule. So paying a little late is (was) nothing to worry about. And the transaction was painless. Easy peasy Rob
  15. Good day eh Seeking guidance once again. We are Canadian pensionados. We are not working in CR. But I have heard that we need to keep less than 10K USD in our bank account. If we go over we need to file taxes. I'm wondering if this is more for US citizens with the US getting stricter with off shore banks. Or what happens with those earning investment income here? Just wanna keep it simple! And yes, I should see an accountant. Thanks Rob

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