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  1. stewart.tb I agree with you about the noise thing. There will ALWAYS be idiots that ruin things for more responsible citizens. I hate the loud pipes on Harleys & the ironic thing is that the "average" Harley owner is probably an otherwise law abiding Doctor, Lawyer, or Indian Chief. I think a lot of the middle-aged Harley owners think they're bad biker dudes once they pull on their leather pants. Sort of like when I was 10 & used to pretend I was an Astronaut. It's just me, myself, & I so I think there's probably room for all three of us to fit on one ATV.
  2. I've been looking at ATVs on http://www.encuentra24.com and I see license plates (as opposed to dead people...) so I assume they're street legal. Does anyone use an ATV / UTV for local errands or transportation? What type of driver's license is required? They look like a pretty good alternative to an automobile, especially if it's a short trip. Your thoughts & comments are eagerly awaited.
  3. I usually carry a automatic opening knife with me simply because I find it handy (some people call them "switchblades). The blade is about 4" long & I'm planning on bringing it with me but don't want to do something illegal. I'm NOT carrying it for protection - just utilitarian use. Does anyone know if it's legal? Thanks
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