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  1. We have a large house for rent on a monthly basis starting from about May this year. Months of availablity vary but we´re flexible. It´s about 40 minutes North/Northwest of the airport in the San Ramon area with stunning views, great temperatures and friendly people. It is fully furnished. It includes everything you´ll need--just bring your clothes! Send me a note for additional details! Andrew andrew4cr@gmail.com
  2. Nice post. I'm buying property in Sam Ramon de Alajuela however I've been there many times for extended periods. And, I'm NOT paying big bucks either! Drew
  3. A friend of mine wants to eventually build a home in the Central Valley. Does anyone have any references on homebuilders who are REASONABLY priced and handle everything from soup to nuts (i.e, permitting, design, construction, etc.)? If so please post some information here in the forum or send me an email. Thanks! Drew
  4. Wally, I agree with your thoughts completely and I plan to send six months to a year living there before I decide. The question I have is, how does one compare prices without an MLS system, "comps," etc? How have others done it? Just keep tabs on prices in the area? Thanks, Drew
  5. I've also looked through dozens of realtor sites and who knows which among them is reputable or not. My friend and I just plan to move there and rent for awhile until we decide what to buy, but first try to become real "Ticos/Ticas." I emailed this one broker who had a "click for more information" button on his website and all he responded back was with a generic letter that said "If you are serious, you have to come here to Costa Rica....." He wouldn't even tell me where the property I was interested in was located. One site I do like alot is "For Sale By Owner." The address is: www.int
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