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  1. yank37

    Private schools in Guanacaste

    The area of Flamingo/Potrero has TWO great schools. La Paz and CRIA. La Paz has Two separate campuses, one is the secondary level , located at Mar Vista and the other is for the younger children aproximately 1 mile South. Both are in Flamingo. CRIA is actually in Brasilito. I have heard nothing but great comments about both. Children's parents have remarked that their children are up bright and early and anxious to go to school. On the weekends the children tell their parents that they are boring, and they wish they were in school.
  2. DanaJ...and does what you pay to ARCR match the CAJA receipt that you get from ARCR ???
  3. Agreed Eleanocr.... and that's EXACTLY what I did...left their great CAJA program and signed up on my own as a self insured. My monthly payment went DOWN the equivalent of $10.00 and I don't have to pay an annual membership fee or monthly service fee anymore for NOTHING !!! Just go on line, and make my monthly payment directly and print out my comprobante. But I still am entitled to the refund of the $75.00, they withdrew from my account....aand believe me...I will continue to be persistent until I get it !!!!
  4. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME SENDING E MAILS...Have any of you members ever actually looked at your monthly receipts from CAJA....I did. Mine equates to $60.00 monthly....but ARCR does me such a "huge service" and charges me over $75.00 monthly. Besides that, they withdraw the money from your account, in advance on a quarterly basis, and only pay CAJA monthly , as due. We loose the interest...but ARCR has our $$$ in their coffers !! And don't even try to get a refund....I've been waiting for almost TWO MONTHS now for money they took out of my account in August. All I get for for an answer is " IT'S PROCESSING"... This from an Association that we pay to be a member of ??????????????
  5. Hello to all. After 3 years of living in a Pacific Beach community, I have chosen to hopefully relocate to the Arenal area. Primarily, I am looking for a more temperate climate, and an escape from my huge electrical consumption ( $220 monthly), which is due to the need of air conditioning. I would appreciate feedback from any members that live in the area. I have concentrated my search in the communities on the South side of the Lake, but am open to any/all suggestions.
  6. yank37

    Cosevi Records

    May have found the problem...the attorney that prepared the Escritura has my Cedula Number wrong, and the Title issued by the National Registry for the Placa Number has the same error.
  7. yank37

    Cosevi Records

    Sorry David...but I don't understand your reasoning. I recorded the Bill of Sale at the National Registry and I have the original placa issued to me by the National Registry. What type of errors should I be looking for ?
  8. Two years ago, I purchased a vehicle from a Holland gentleman living in Costa Rica. I duly recorded the contract in the Registro Publico, paid the impuesta, and have a placa number. My problem is that the records of Cosevi still reflect the seller as owning this vehicle. Each year, when I pay the Marchamo, I go through the same thing. My problem is that with the issuance of new plates, I am afraid that I am going to have problems, if I do not get the Cosevi records corrected. Has anyone had experience with getting records corrected at Cosevi?
  9. Just checked by Banco National account. Money finally "was manually posted" today. Agree, with you Eleanor, wire transfers take 5 to 7 days to accomplish...pura vida...heh?
  10. You have to admit...it's "funny and peculiar" that ALL the banks were closed due to the Obama visit BUT only Banco National couldn't get the deposits entered.
  11. Thank you both for your support. At least I know that I'm not alone........
  12. I thank you both for your input. Banco National is not quite as "responsive" as Banco de Costa Rica.
  13. Has anyone else had a problem this month with the direct deposit of their US Social Security benefits. Mine are normally direct deposited to my Banco National account on the 3rd. I am wondering if it could be due to the May 1st Holiday followed by the visit of President Obama....
  14. Thanks...I've already purchased additional minutes...I just have no way to call the 1150 re charge number from my phone.
  15. Is there anyone on line that can call 1150 with Kolbi Prepago for me. They have put my service on 'Emergency Only' so I cannot make any outgoing calls. I have gone on line to my bank and purchased additional minutes...but have no way to load them. If anyone is available to assist...please private message me for PIN # and Clave# on recharge amount. Happy New Year !!!!

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