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  1. I did also ..... with a single . and it disappeared. Was wondering if we were still able to post as it has been so quiet!?!?!?!?
  2. Back in 2010 we came across a fellow by the name of Casey Stamps. He is based out of an office in Dominical and covers the areas you have listed. We did not end up buying in that area but we found Casey very knowledgeable and likable. He is still in business and can be contacted through this link.
  3. Mortgage???? Where will you get a mortgage? Possibly a little premature?
  4. We built and are very happy with our decision. We had a SUPER contractor but he only builds in the Puriscal area.
  5. We have had both Movistar and ICE but in our area Movistar did not function well at all. I regularly call and receive calls from Canada on my cell phone. I have two "business" neighbors that talk from the USA regularly. We use Skype or Majic Jack if possible but there are many direct calls on our cell phones.
  6. There is nothing for sure at this point about reinstating the tax, but I would be very surprised if they did not.
  7. I was going to say that as well but I was not positive. We are shutting down an S.A. for a community association and that is on the list of do's that our attorney has for us.
  8. We used a product called Kaboom and a rough pad such as one would use for cleaning pots and pans.
  9. We had a different experience, we had our architect design our house from scratch. Once the design was achieved and we were a go we were given a figure for Gustavo's fees and that is what we paid. That fee included regular visits to the project. It did not matter what we put in the house in any way. We put in extra money for things we wanted and that did not change Gustavo's fee at all.
  10. We are putting on two Christmas parties for the locals, one for the Ancianos and one for the Ninos. We took Adeila (one of the local ladies) shopping for the first trip and went to PriceSmart where she had never been. The look on her face was priceless and now Vivian's English class ladies have all called "shotgun" on the other two or three trips we need to do. Every day we have something new ...... tomorrow it is two local teens returning to the house for "advanced English" and of course the usual goodies. They come weekly.
  11. Please do not continue to debate this point as it seems as though you have made up your mind. Come on down and toss the dice! It is a lot different when you are actually here and experience your new life.
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