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  1. I did also ..... with a single . and it disappeared. Was wondering if we were still able to post as it has been so quiet!?!?!?!?
  2. T&VSmith

    Shippers that are not Zeller?

    We used Barry Wilson and Arden Brink of Ship Costa Rica . This was upon recommendations of six others in our now community. Excellent service and everthing was delivered right into the room that we requested. Not one box opened, nothing missing, and nothing broken (the last is a testament to OUR packing skills).
  3. T&VSmith

    household products

    I bought a product similar to CLR in EPA. It was of course in Spanish but my Spanish was sufficient to figure it out. I no longer have the container so cannot post a picture but they did have it in EPA.
  4. T&VSmith

    Empty Corporations

    And don't forget to notify your registry agent if you were not your own on the corporation.
  5. T&VSmith

    cedula renewal

    To clarify my post above this had nothing to do with BCR. As Inversionistas we do not even show up in the system in order to get an appointment. We deal directly with Migracion so one would think that the documentation that Migracion posts on their own website should be sufficient. It is not!
  6. T&VSmith

    cedula renewal

    I read everything directly from the Migracion website that I needed to bring for renewal. Luckily I do not believe most anything I read or am told. I brought everything listed on the site and ended up needing double that. Being the disbeliever that I am I had triple that and was able to find everything. Something to remember down here is that nothing is cast in stone. It is the flavor of the day / person that will ultimately determine what you need on any given day!
  7. T&VSmith

    online money transfer delays

    I transfer money electronically all the time and my bank site states "x" number of business days to complete
  8. T&VSmith

    online money transfer delays

    All banking is closed for four days, I expect you should see your money on Monday or Tuesday.
  9. T&VSmith

    Moving cats

    And I believe the new 4 pack is 37.5 pounds versus the old 42 pound bag.
  10. T&VSmith

    paying bills BCR

    I pay everything on line with Banco Nacional.
  11. T&VSmith

    Moving cats

    We flew with two cats and had the same worries. We came from Alberta, Canada to Houston, with a four hour lay over, and then on to San Jose. They let out the odd small cry but for the most part were far better than we expected. We did not sedate them. The one thing we did was upgrade to business class for bot legs of the flight so we only had the two seats to contend with rather than chancing them annoying a third person. Lots more room also.
  12. T&VSmith

    car insurance

    Yes, there is "basic" Marchamo and that is what I take and then get full INS insurance. Some people choose to up their Marchamo coverage negating the need for additional coverage.
  13. T&VSmith

    car insurance

    There are different levels of Marchamo depending on what one chooses!
  14. T&VSmith

    My broken heart...

    We are very sorry Patricia, please accept our condolences. Terry and Viv
  15. T&VSmith

    Empty Corporations

    You will need a lawyer to dissolve it otherwise yearly corporation tax will accrue, and if you miss filing your required D-140 form in time there is a $400 fine.

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