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  1. I'll just put it out there like it is. I'm American and my wife is Costa Rican. I have Residente Temporal Libre Condicion. We live in San Jose, but I have to fly back and forth to the US for work for extended periods. Last time I left we got into a pretty good argument and she said that next time I came I would have problems getting back in the country. We have since made up. But. I just want to make sure before I go home this next time that there won't be any kind of issue. Get my drift? Is there anyone I can call just to make sure? Or a website or something? Thanks in Advance.

    WHY Costa Rica?

    i didn't pick CR my wife is Tica and she wanted to come home. It is expensive if, and here is the big IF, if you want to live the same way you did in the States you will be paying much more. If being poor is OK with you and you really don't mind not having nice things anymore then it's really not that bad. I for one enjoy the rain.

    Itching to make the move

    Think long and hard about moving here. CR is not all it's cracked up to be. As soon as the novelty wears off, which doesn't take long, daily life is a grind that requires an amazing level of tolerance. It's just not as great as people describe.

    Driving from US to San Jose

    I rode from Colorado to San Jose this past winter on my Harley. I was by myself with just a change of clothes, my laptop, and a few tools. i rode through Nogales, AZ and on down the west coast of Mexico. Would I do it again? In a minute! It was truly one of the neatest trips I have ever made. In fact, the trip was so nice and trouble free that it was almost anticlimactic. If you are considering it, PM me and perhaps we can discuss it further. I would love to share my knowledge on the subject.

    Selling my bike, but...

    Ok good advice. Thanks.

    Selling my bike, but...

    But I would have to pay all the import duties through Hacienda first right?
  7. So I rode my bike down from Colorado and am now thinking of selling it, however, I haven't been through RTV, marchamo, or aduana. I'm wondering how I can do it or if I'm stuck with it.
  8. Hi Alec, I think that I am now in the same boat as you were. Let me explain and then I have a couple of questions. My wife (Tica) and I were married in the States several years ago and we have a baby girl born in the States. I have collected all the required documentation except for one item (its on the way). When you had all the documents what did you next?
  9. I think he means just the police report.
  10. Excellent. Thank you so much for taking the time and explaining in detail the PLoGC.
  11. Thanks so much for the fast response. I do have one question about the police report. What time frame is required? For example, should the Police Certificate of Good Conduct be for one, five or ten years? And what is it that it should say exactly? I went to my county records department and she replied that they don't do letters and only handed me a police report that goes back 25 years, which showed traffic tickets and such. Any advice?
  12. Hello All, I married a Tica here in the States and need to know what documents I will need for residency. Does anyone know where I can find this information?

    Total Cost to Register my Motorcycle in CR

    Thanks for the reply. I tried looking up my bike in the CR Blue Book, but that link appears to only be for autos. Is there a site for motorcycles? Also, what exactly is required? Could someone put it in list form? I know of only to things so far: Marchamo and RTV.
  14. Hello all, First, this is truly a great resource. I'm so happy I found this site. I did try to use the search function, but didn't find anything with any specificity regarding my question. Second, I'm moving to Costa Rica and will be riding my motorcycle from the states. I want to know where I can find out how much it will cost to: pay import duties, registration, taxes, title charges, emissions (if required), license plates and the rest to be able to legally operate it on the road with no issues. I also will need to know what documentation to bring with it and should any of that be translated from English to Spanish. In addition, should any of those items be certified by the CR consulate here in the States? I understand that many of you are against the idea of bringing in vehicles, but I am already committed to my plan. Thanks in advance. Scott

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