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  1. Hello, may I have some more info on the rental. I do have a small dog.


  2. Thanks, looking for something more furnished and longer stay.

  3. Hello my name is Greg and I would like some information on your Orotina rental. Thank you, Greg

  4. Turn in beside Los Olas restaurant center town on right. talked to someone that lived there. You can go to Andres beach bar/Pizza towards beach on left. Ask for Robert Woody. he is there till 6 pm. He knows places also. been here 2 yrs.,books tours etc out of there.

  5. Hi Greg; I am taking my friend to Nicaragua for the day tomorrow. Be around the next day. if you come tomorrow check out Albatros Apts. 2 b/2B, laundry room free,pets allowed,24 hour security,cable,& internet. you pay $400 month + electric for long term. it is in the cenet few yards off main street. Coming into Coco is on the right. bright yellow building with sign out by road. see nex...

  6. Thanks Carol. Where do you look? Are there bulletin boards in town? I'm sure just asking around and talking to people is also good. Yea I was going to wait till I got there. I want to see with my own eyes. Don't trust the internet and everyone says it's all gringo priced. Thanks again.

  7. lots of rentals so negotiate.

  8. I moved here from Hermosa beach Ca on Sept.3/10. I have 2 story,2 bed,3bath,sm pool,furnished,equipped,alarm system,security gate,cable,internet. I pay $450 mt. + elec.Didn't choose until got here. Stayed 2 nights in B&B @$30 night. You can get modern studio/1 bed from $350-450 fully ready to move in. get a Tico place & pay less. Best to choose after get here. Lots of...

  9. Hi Brian,

    My name is Greg and I will be moving down to Costa Rica this January. I notice you live in Playa Coco. How are rentals in that area? It will be me and my dog, so I don't need a large place. Just curious if you knew. Thanks Greg

  10. Hello Tanker, did you ever find out about the effect your felony has on the residency application? I ask because 25 years ago in Ketchikan I got busted and also have a felony on my record. I just hope it won't show up on the INTERPOL search. Did you talk to anyone at ARCR?


  11. Yes I was gonna mention that on the post, I did include a one in front. I will try e-mail.


  12. Please don't be offended when I ask you this.

    Are you putting a 1 before the 506? I don't know what else could be causing a problem.

    If you want to get action on an email put your membership # in the subject. I find this gives me priority service

    Hope this helps


  13. Well so much for having friends in high places.

    Looks like I'll be calling Ryan at ARCR tomorrow to make an appointment. Did you use ARCR for your residency?

  14. Hola! I have all three and kind of like the Pimsleur program better because it comes in mp3 format and I can practice when walking the dog or in the car on the cd player. Didn't like Rosetta as much, and Fluenz was ok too. They are good when you can sit down at the computer where as Pimsleur is more mobile. Still with all three I find it very boring studying by myself and know it will get easier once in country.
  15. Hello, I am also heading to Costa Rica next month, was there in 02 for a couple weeks. Finding a place is a chore. I'm not ready to trust anything on the web and they say it is all Gringo priced. I was looking around Montezuma on the Nicoya pen but now I'm looking around Tamarindo. What I'll probably do is just wait till I get there and then find something. Greg

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