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  1. I would like to rent a small unit for one month (perhaps October) in an expat community. I will be alone and would like to meet similar minded folks to share ideas and activities. Wish to stay in the general area around San Jose. Preferably where I would not need to rent a car - at least not for the entire month. I am a senior citizen and am not looking to party, just to meet folks who have made the move to CR and enjoy their company. Does anyone know of an expat community with a common pool and activity area? Zeb Renaud
  2. I am an older (but in good health and condition) retired single male and would like to spend approximately 3 months in CR this fall. Instead of renting, I would prefer to house sit a home in the Atenas area. I am honest, reliable, not a party person and very conscientious - would take care of the property as if it were mine. While there are plenty of Ticos available to do this, I would not expect to be paid anything (a small savings) and having owned homes myself, would be more dependable. Any suggestions (such as placing an ad in the english newspaper) would be appreciated. I ca
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