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  1. Movistar roams on ATT in the US for voice and data. But stock up on minutes before you go because it uses them quickly.
  2. We have been using the new Hyatt House and Hyatt Place in Dania Beach (which is where the airport is technically located). The hotels are next to each other, new and very nice. Great breakfast is included. The Hyatt Place is less expensive than the "House". Both have airport shuttle service.
  3. JetBlue to Ft. Lauderdale. Head directly to Sawgrass Mills Mall (google it) about 8-10 west of the airport. Everything under the sun for shopping (many as outlets) and many more stores outside, around the mall. Hotels/motels adjacent to the mall as this is a destination place it is so big.
  4. Generally speaking ATT and Verizon have largest and best coverage in the US. But it does vary by major city so it's possible to get great coverage from TMO in some areas.
  5. It HAS to be!! Every Tico that I have met that has lived in the States lived in NJ. 100%!! Back to the Spanish-English....I find the younger Tico's love to speak English to use their interaction with me as good "real life" experience vs. only speaking in the classroom.
  6. I used a home inspector. He is an American that builds houses and offers an inspection service. Did a great job for me, but he didn't come cheap.
  7. Thanks. This actually is a cash purchase a friend is making on a small Tico house. He is trying to find the "fair market value" (if such a thing exists). So he needs an independent appraiser to help him "try" to get that price.
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know of a good person that does house appraisals? An appraisal is needed for a home in Grecia. Thanks, Ed
  9. The National Association of Coffee offers that the optimum temperature guideline for serving coffee as between 195-205 degrees. So McDonalds was at a minimum of 15 degrees below industry standards. Plus they had a warning label on the cup. A key contributor to the severe burns were the type of pants she wore, which held the heat against her skin longer than normal. (maybe the pants maker should be sued as well). If you walk into a busy intersection, don't be surprised if you get hit by a vehicle. If you buy and spill a cup of hot coffee, don't be surprised if it burns. I 100% support the ability of the public to sue for damages. My original point was that frivolous lawsuits have driven up the costs in many areas of life in the US. Good discussions. Thanks for your points of view. I respect them. I'm out on this subject.
  10. The original post in this thread should answer your primary question. Tort reform is needed nationwide because it is a key element in driving up health care costs (of course there are others). Trail Lawyers will sue you for looking at someone wrong if they sniff $$. Remember a few years back when McDonald's was sued by a woman because her coffee was hot and burned her. She walked away with a big chunk of money cause her coffee was hot...well duh! US TV is is filled with those vultures ads trying to gin up a class action suit and/or promising huge payoffs.
  11. Trial Lawyers are doing well. Many drug companies do well also. I'm sure there are many others as well. You point out why many Doctors are retiring or will retire as soon as they can. The new plan reduces payments to Doctors for many procedures. Plus the mal-practice premiums are through the roof due to many frivolous lawsuits. Many Drs. are simply fed-up. I am enrolling for my 2011 company plan now and the cost is about $700 higher this year vs. last year. That is very common post Obamacare passage. One of my favorite columnists is Libertarian P.J. O'Rourke. He had a great quote about government expanded health care: "If you think health care is expensive now, just wait until it's free!"
  12. poster expat is correct....the "savings" were based on assumptions provided to the CBO by Obama's healthcare team.They have now amended their projections up adding even more to the deficit. As Nancy Pelosi said prior to passing the bill: "we won't know exactly what's in this bill until it is passed". That is almost a verbatim quote. The CBO was fed false data to gain enough votes of the "fence sitters"(Blue Dog Democrats) to pass the bill. Health Care reform is an admiral goal and changes must be made. Utopian type care though, cannot and will not work in a country like the US. Ed
  13. We use Fluenz and it is excellent. Everyone should give it a look as well. Ed
  14. a great place for expats is in Atenas. Many reside there and they offer lots of activities for you. I would suggest looking for a rental at www.vrbo.com. Good luck, Ed
  15. I second the suggestion of Pablo Arias. He is a gentleman who is very professional. We used him for our home we purchased in Grecia.
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