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  1. Movistar roams on ATT in the US for voice and data. But stock up on minutes before you go because it uses them quickly.
  2. I have praised and recommended this company on this forum many times. Unfortunately, I will have to retract my recommendation. Several expats in our community all got our service about 2 years ago. And now all of us are dropping them. The service was great for about 1.5 years, especially for us up in the mountains with few options. About 6 months ago their speeds started dropping (we all have 4mg) where the average became between 2.5 -3. Not bad, tolerable even though we pay for 4mg. The last 2 months has seen a dramatic drop off where in the evening we get .5 to 1 at best...yet paying for 4mg. When called they all lie saying they are working on it or the technical team is busy and will call you back. They have told all of us that story yet they do nothing. Never a call back, never an apology, they just act like everything is perfect. Maybe it is just our area in Grecia. I think they have done the same as Kolbi and overloaded their servers to the point they can't keep the speeds up consistently, especially during peak hours. So, enough is enough. I'm joining Brother Legs and moving over to CR WiFi.
  3. buy the iphone 6 or 6+ from Apple...the off contract T Mobile version (don't buy a T Mobile iphone 6 AT T Mobile). It works fine here. Just be careful and don't use the T Mobile Sim or you "may" lock it for 60 days. Also, Verizon's model will work if they will let you buy it without a contract. They typically allow this, but due to short supplies of the 6 I wouldn't count on it.
  4. Art Fern

    American Football

    If you can go to San Jose, try the Michaels Restaurant and Sports Bar connected to the Dunn Inn in Barrio Amon. It is large, clean, modern and has tons of TV's. I live in Grecia so I don't make it in every Saturday/Sunday, but it is really nice. Food is good also.
  5. If you have a problem at your motel..... Two restaurants in Grecia offer dependable, free wifi in their businesses: Cafe Arte Latte (ask for the password at the counter) and Cafe Delicias. Both of them are casual, coffee type places so you can hang out for awhile if needed.
  6. We have been using the new Hyatt House and Hyatt Place in Dania Beach (which is where the airport is technically located). The hotels are next to each other, new and very nice. Great breakfast is included. The Hyatt Place is less expensive than the "House". Both have airport shuttle service.
  7. JetBlue to Ft. Lauderdale. Head directly to Sawgrass Mills Mall (google it) about 8-10 west of the airport. Everything under the sun for shopping (many as outlets) and many more stores outside, around the mall. Hotels/motels adjacent to the mall as this is a destination place it is so big.
  8. I receive their daily email updates. The editor, Jay, said in an email today they switched servers in LA which had caused the recent problems.
  9. From what I read it is for mobile phones. Similar to what the carriers do in the US.
  10. As a last resort and maybe the best one if your company is coming for a short time...... Buy a Claro or Movistar card or both (their sim cards are cheap) and see which one works best in your area. Both are known as having much better internet speeds than Kolbi. Then turn on the Hotspot option on your tablet which creates its own wifi network. David's company has a reputation as being excellent. If they don't reach you, try the company I use <MetroWireless>. I think they are countrywide and they are excellent as well.. Good luck!
  11. Generally speaking ATT and Verizon have largest and best coverage in the US. But it does vary by major city so it's possible to get great coverage from TMO in some areas.
  12. I was subjected to a new (for me) street scam today in Grecia. It's the first I've seen here. I've had some stuff attempted in SJO but Grecia has been quite/ My wife and I parked in front of our farmacia, Central Farmacia, this afternoon. I was in the drivers seat and had my window down. A guy approaches me and offers to replace the rubber sealant (?) around my door and the door behind me. We don't have a newer car so I in fact needed those replaced. The door was rattling really bad so I thought how timely and convenient this was. So we talked price and he said 5 mill for both doors and i agreed. My wife stays in the car while I go inside to pick up a few things. She speaks some Spanish, but very limited. So I go in, it takes forever as usual, then I return to see they had replaced all 4 of my door sealer! Then up walks another guy who appears to be the enforcer of the 2. I asked the first guy what's up? and he rattled off I needed it and I get "family" price blah blah blah so it was worth it. I remained polite but said there was no way that I will pay for that work and I knew they were working a el truco. Then the enforcer comes up and shows me a measuring tape, measures my door and gives me a price per door based on meters and the total I owed was c115,000 lol... that's $230 just to be clear. He was very serious and said I had to pay. I was somewhat amused this was happening but I yelled at them that I wasn't stupid and to get lost. They tried to act like I was cheating them...lol so I asked them to remove the rubber. They couldn't do that!!! So I threw the original guy the original 5 mill said a few profane words that would make Paul blush and drove off. It's a good thing "Legs" Murray wasn't the target. He would have curb stomped them on the spot haha. Anyway...beware of this. I'm pretty sure these guys weren't from Grecia. Maybe they are headed to your town, beware!
  13. We use Astrill VPN and it still works fine with Hulu...fyi
  14. Lucybelle, As long as it is unlocked, it will work everywhere. As was mentioned above, some new iphones have a frequency that allows for 4g here and other countries. If you plan to stay an extended time in the US, get one that works on 4g there. I would suggest buying one from Verizon. They sell them unlocked for international use (pop in a local sim card) so you avoid all of the unlocking hassles with ATT etc. When you are in the US, it will only work with Verizon. You can also buy one at an Apple store unlocked that will work in CR and on ATT and TMobile in the States. Bottom line is to get one truly unlocked it has to be bought at Verizon or the Apple store (or on a site like Craigslist).
  15. here's a sample of 4g costs/plans from Kolbi https://www.grupoice.com/wps/portal/kolbi_4GLTE_Planes

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