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  1. Just wanted to wish you best of luck. We plan to move there in about 3 years. So I am totally jealous. You read everything from discussion sites to all the retirement books getting ready for the move and making the plans and following through! It seem like such a long haul, so it is good to hear when someone arrives. Keep sharing your information with us. Pura Vida!!
  2. Helene

    Moving to CR from Canada

    Hello, I found a good article on the cost of living in costa rica 2004. Go to the website www.welovecostarica.com You will have to sign in, but there is a lot of good information there. Best to you, Helene
  3. We just completed a transaction thru the NY consulate. Here are a couple of Phone numbers to try. Hopefully they aren't the numbers you guys have already. 212-509-3066 212-509-3067 The numbers weren't answered right away, but I was persistant. For those of you that are in the PA area. Our consulate met us in the philadelphia train station, so we wouldn't have to go to NY city. Of course that required an additional fee. But for us to avoid the big city it was worth it. I do have an email to share, but I will not post it. You can privately email me to get it. That is how we made most of the arrangements to get together. Mean while I will send an email to our consulate and let him know that many people are having a problem contacting them. Hope this helps. Helene
  4. Hi Elva, The drive to the arenal took us a good 3 hours, and we did it in the dark. When getting close to the resort area just watch out for the Manendaz family walking across the roads. We almost took out the whole family. Just kidding, but everyone was freely walking the streets, and at night we could have hurt someone. YOu will enjoy the area. Haven't been to the Quepos area yet. Have a great time. Helene
  5. Helene

    Honest Car Rental

    Hola, We visit costa rica a few times a year. We really like the dollar car rental. There web site is www.dollarcostarica.com They have a 1800 number I call and talk to an english speaking person and get a confirmation number. Look on there web site before you call them. They have seasonal rates, so when you talk to them, make sure it is for the price you see listed. Rent from the office up the road from the santa maria airport. They have a booth at the airport, I just stop by and let them know I have a rental with them, and they take us over to the main office. If you expect a car at the airport they charge an increase % for having it there. The main office is just up the road a couple of blocks. Real easy. Hope this helps. Sorry I didn't see your listing sooner, to get you an answer sooner. OH!! Don't get the smallest 4x4 to save money. the small wheel base really beat us up driving on some long rough roads. Helene
  6. I just read the article Ryan Piercy wrote in the El Residente magazine. I found it quiet disturbing, considering we plan to move to CR in the next few years or so. The article mentioned that the Director of Migracion is not concerned about the loss of economic benefits with the removal of the rentista catagory, and the minimum monthly requirement for Pensionado would not be less that $3000. The $3000 monthly pensionado may not affect everyone, but for a few of us wanting to retire in CR comfortably with a lower pension it may change everything. Ryan, you mentioned we should write letters. Do you have any specific names, addresses or email we can send our concerns to? Also you asked for the readers of the magazine to fill out the questionaire enclosed in the issue and get it back toyou. My Magazine did not have a questionaire. How can we help? Thanks Helene
  7. Helene

    home construction

    Thanks for your reply. We are definately doing the research. Any tips is appreciated. I am going to look into the web sites you suggested. Thanks for the up and up on the plumbing. Gracias Helene
  8. Hola to all. WE have visited CR for a couple of years now and in the process of purchasing some property in Playa Grande. We have spoken to a few people about home construction and get a variety of answers as to how much it cost per square foot. Can you recommend some quality, dependable builders. Who builds for the ticos? We are trying to build on a budget. We enjoy this forum and Look forward to any help from the audience. Gracias Helene
  9. Helene

    monteverde in may

    Will be traveling to Monteverde cloud forest this May. I know it will rain more in this area than many places. My concern is, will the weather be terrible in May. We plan on using a 4x4 to travel the roads. Is May a bad month or just the begining of the rainy season. Can't wait to return to CR. We were there in March2003 beautiful. Thanks Helene
  10. Helene

    Trip Advice

    Hi wayne, Just read your forum. We visited there last march and plan to return in May. We are in love with Costa Rica. Just a few things. We rented a car from TriColor car rentals. They were very helpful. The car was new. But definately check it over carefully as every one says. We had no problems with them at all. I didn't want to mess with exchanging money in costa rica, so My bank in pennsylvania was able to get me money. I believe Orbitz.com now can get you an exchange over the internet. We brought $500.00 and some US traveler checks for the hotel stays. We used the colones for food, gasoline and souviners. Our hotel we stayed at also exchanged money for us. We needed $100 more, before the trip ended. If you get in late, might be a good idea to stay in the outskirt of san jose before heading out to the Tabacon resort area. If you decide to spend the night , stay at Hotel La Rosa de America. Very nice people, rooms were also nice. It took us a good 3 hours in the dark to get to the talbacon area, very frustrating. slow pace. many families out in the road. The tabacon resort is beautiful but a bit prices. We stayed at the arenal lodge, very cozy. Had dinner at tabacon springs , very pretty and very busy. Many children. The volcano at night and during the day was amazing. Make sure you hike to La fortuna Falls. it was beautiful. Hope this was helpful, have a great time and enjoy the howler monkeys. They were my favorite. A great book, with many web sites was the The New Key to Costa Rica. It helped me plan everything. Helene

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