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  1. Also used book exchange at Pato Loco cabinas/restarant. They are on left coming into Coco on main road just past mall where BCR is. Also Coco Palms hotel/restaurant down by park/beach. Turn left near beach at soccer field & you will see straight ahead.
  2. The coffee shop at las palmas here in Coco is a drop off for books. People take,read & return. Will let you know where others are as there are more places.
  3. Went Florida in Sept. on AA. Economy the 1st checked bag $25. So not free if economy.
  4. The only start of topic besides the title that I see is that no other opinions will be tolerated. Why post a topic is no other opinions are wanted. Then I say remove this thread.
  5. This article from Elections Canada says be 18 years age & live in Canada anytime before the election. http://www.elections.ca/content.aspx?section=vot&dir=reg/etr&document=index〈=e
  6. Remember that to cut down a tree in Costa Rica requires a permit. I also think a poor time to do this with the flooding situation in other parts of the country. At least you have a road while many in flooded areas don't.
  7. I never understand why people think we need to "CHANGE" Costa Rica. It is their country. As Paul says we are guests. As I often say if we don't like it here we can leave. I personally am very happy & satisfied with my life here ( almost 5 years).
  8. I always refer to myself as legal immigrant/guest in Costa Rica. Expat was not a word in my vocabulary. I first heard this word reference from an American so thought it was an american thing. So that word never comes to my mind when referring to myself. I don't mind which word immigrant or expat people use. I shall stick to immigrant. I hear many people with no residency referring to themselves as expats which does fit "living out of their homeland". i prefer legal immigrant for myself as more defined than expat. Only my personal opinion.
  9. I have tico friend ,my tico caretaker/security & a Holland friend/neighbor who is permeant resident that all have the info for who to contact if i can't speak for myself. They have family phone numbers,my medical CAJA number,passport #,cedilla number,little medical history that is important like rare blood type & allergies,etc. They also have key to get in in an emergency. I have had this set up since living here for 4 1/2 years. My family in turn has their info & knows who they are in case they call.
  10. I found there were stores with just about anything you want. I looked around a lot But didn't really go for shopping. did buy camera,clothes,etc. There was lots of choice. easy to get around,lots places to eat. lots malls but I liked Albrook Shopping mall price wise from cheaper up . Some malls were too expensive for my taste. www.albrookmall.com/
  11. I often first wash them with soap & water then cleanse with either alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Let all dry then the alergel or hydrocortisone cream/ointment. Tamarindo always seems to have lots sand fleas but never had a problem in Coco.
  12. Antiseptics not too helpful. I have good luck with Alergel or 1% hydrocortisone ointment. Buy any pharmacy. oral antihistamines help but I don't like the side effects. Make a paste of baking soda & water to put on the bites.
  13. "Noticed". does that mean you asked them? You know for a fact they are single?
  14. WOW! That is a negative statement. You probably notice "more" single mothers because they stay in their little community near their family who are very supportive of them. IN US they are more scattered about ,often in bigger communities,etc. I have to disagree with your statement.
  15. Kindle is the way to go. So good for here in Costa Rica. Not sure where sent from by Amazon but no tax.
  16. Not sure about Nicaragua listed as the safest country in Central America. Mind you I like Nicaragua. If you check web there are statements about being 2nd safest or equal to Costa Rica. Don't take 1 statement as gospel truth.
  17. Panama does not have socialized health care. Similar in USA some time back. Buy insurance,co-pays,approval for procedures, getting reimbursed for when you must pay up front. Sort of 20/80 with co-pays. lab, xrays, is pay up front. Insurance may approve x amt. dollars they will pay for your surgery but the cost of the surgery probably much higher. Lots about their health care on the web.
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