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  1. Carol Nickerson

    Social Security Direct Deposit.......

    I just went into my local BCR where I have Account & filled out form there.
  2. I have tried to check my permanent residency status online for 4 & 1/2 months. Only once during the second month did the consulta_expediente give me a result. Anyone else having trouble with the site?
  3. Carol Nickerson

    cedula renewal

    Renewed pensionado cedula twice at Migration in Liberia & never have to show that any of my income comes into CR. Same for 3 other friends.
  4. Carol Nickerson

    cedula renewal

    This tear already have had 4 friends that I went with to Liberia Migracion to renew cedula plus all of us last year. Is always 1 week to pick up new one. having it sent to post office I am not sure of how long. We always go back to Liberia & pick it up.
  5. Carol Nickerson

    cedula renewal

    Yes very much easier.
  6. Carol Nickerson

    cedula renewal

    I take 1 year of my CIBC bank account statements just deposits that show pension going in there. I then take to an accountant & get a verification of income letter done for migracion. Then off to Liberia Immigration & week later new cedula. I am actually waiting on approval of permanent residency.
  7. Carol Nickerson

    Power Outage

    News says the problem was some type problem in Panama. Tico times has an item explaining it.
  8. 1st week March 2017 applied in Liberia for change from Temporary Pensionado residency to permanent. Tonight checked on line & for 1st time accepts my inquiry. At least now shows up but not yet 3 months & says Solicitud Recibida ( request received). At least better than showing nothing.
  9. Carol Nickerson

    flu shots

  10. Carol Nickerson

    flu shots

    I know here in Playa del Coco you just go to Aloe Pharmacy & buy the vaccine & they inject it. Other pharmacies also give iy.
  11. I just applied for permanent 1st March & told me check in 3 months. I will go to Migration office in Liberia 1st week June to check but sounds like I shouldn't expect it to be approved yet.
  12. 3 years ago I cancelled my group medical with ARCR. As single pensionado it had gotten up close to $100 US month. I went on my own & pay 27,370 colones a month so a big saving.
  13. Carol Nickerson

    cedula renewal

    Yes you can renew 90 days before it expires.
  14. Carol Nickerson

    cedula renewal

    I wasn't sure when he got his residency so that's why mentioned it has to be 3 years from 1st one to apply for permanent.
  15. Carol Nickerson

    cedula renewal

    When you upgrade from temporary to permanent status you do not have to prove your income when you apply for this status change. It has to be 3 years from your 1st approval for temporary residency to be able to apply. They tell you to check back in 3 months but some people have waited 6-8 months for approval depending on backlogs. So if you are due for temporary cedula renewal July 2018 then you should soon do it so is approved before renewal time. You have to renew cedula when due if not yet approved for new change so you don't want to pay that then shortly pay for permanent cedula. Ss I said you DO NOT have to prove your income when apply for for permanent & after approved you never have to prove income on permanent cedula renewal as once permanent you are allowed to legally work. Permanent is better for the sake of not having to prove income at cedula renewal time as is more complicated/cost for us Canadiansnon pensions. Eleanor can correct me but I believe your 1st permanent cedula is for 2 years,then goes up to 3 years, & at some point to good for 5 years. So less costly paying $200US + 375 colones + $123US for new cedula when permanent is approved. Not the cost also for getting proper documentation of Canada pensions.

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