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  1. Thanks TxTita and Patty, they say a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case it sure sheds some light on the subject!!.................Ray
  2. Hi Paul, thanks again for the additional information. This will be one of the first things we do upon arrival in CR in January. I am consistent about changing the password at the beginning of each month so this is not a problem.............Ray
  3. Many, many thanks Paul and Julie, don't know what I would do without the kind assistance rendered by all on this forum. Hope someday I will have the knowledge to assist others. Paul, is this keychain fob plugged into the computer like a USB thumb drive or does it have a button you press that generates a number you input into the online banking system?..........Ray
  4. Thanks JulieH, is there a number on the card that I use to create the account in "Favorite Accounts" or how is this done? Do I need to go to a BN branch to get this card?............Ray
  5. OK folks, any assistance here would be greatly appreciated. We have $ and Colone accounts at BN. I have been able to transfer monies between the accounts online but am having a problem transferring monies from our BN account to a BCR account. It seems you have to set this BCR account up in your "Favorite Accounts" and when I try to set up the account to be credited in "Favorite Accounts" I get the following message. "We can not process your request. To avoid these problems you need to buy a token card or key in any authorized bank branches, it has a cost of 3.000.00 colones or 25 points can be redeemed online promotions in the 'Entertainment'. If you have an approved cell phone can also opt for the Mobile Token, this service is free. Www.bncr.fi.cr more details or call 2211-2000 for more information phone." Does this type of transaction require a "Token Card???"...............Ray
  6. Thanks for the info Paul, I found the following on the CR Embassy site in Washington DC: FIREARMS AND AMMUNITIONS The admission of firearms and ammunition into the territory of Costa Rica is subject to restrictions and import permits approved by Costa Rican authorities. Applications to import non-military weapons into the country may be filed by or through a licensed importer, authorized dealer, or a particular person. The Congress of Costa Rica strongly restricts the import of any war weapons into the country; therefore any war weapon in hands of a non-authorized individual is ILEGAL. Permits to carry personal weapons in Costa Rica are issued by the Ministry of Public Security (Ministerio de Seguridad Pública). The process to issue these permits will take up to two (2) months, given that all the requested documentation is presented. The Embassy and the Government of Costa Rica strongly discourage people from traveling with their personal weapons. However, if you want to bring a handgun, revolver, or pistol you must follow the required procedure: Inform the airline that you are traveling with a weapon. Once you arrive in Costa Rica, your weapon will remain at the Customs Office until you register the weapon at the Ministry of Public Security (Ministerio de Seguridad Pública.) at the Department of Firearms and Ammunitions. There, you must provide the following documents: Official Registration of the firearm with the corresponding authorities of your State of residence (Secretary of State and or Police Department). This document must be duly certified by the Costa Rican Consulate. Please follow the authentication procedure. Police record from the Police precinct where you have legally resided for the last six (6) months. This document must not be older than six (6) months, and must be duly certified by the Costa Rican Consulate. Please follow the authentication procedure. Weapon Entrance Proof of Receipt issued by the Customs/Airport authorities in Costa Rica. Take a psychological test in Costa Rica to evaluate your personality traits. Once you obtain the required permits, take them to the Customs Office and your weapon will be released. If you are caught traveling with a weapon without the appropriate permits and registrations in Costa Rica, your weapon will be confiscated and you will be fined, arrested or deported. ...................................Ray
  7. Besides the concealed carry law can a Pensionado resident own firearms and keep them in their home? Can they have them shipped in with their household goods? Can they carry them in their cars without a permit? thanks for any enlightenment on this subject.................Ray
  8. I was not aware that VA Healthcare proved a benefit outside the US, can you elaborate on this/..................Thanks, Ray
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