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  1. Since she continues to eat but lose weight, worms would be my observation. Is her belly seemly bloated? You can check her feces, there maybe worms in it or it may have a gel-like look. All it will take is a week or so of deworming meds to clear it up. Hopefully Its nothing more We use Revolution monthly because it takes care of external and internal parasites.
  2. There is always a airport in Quepos, which is 45 minutes from Uvita.
  3. FLB2 I'll tell you our local Uvita living experience. My Husband and I recently bought a 1.25 ac lot 5 minutes south of Uvita with my In-laws, we plan to start building soon. My Husband and I have been living in this area since June, renting first in Baru and now in Ojochal. Uvita has all the local necessities, there are 2 large supermarkets, a gas station, 3 banks, numerous restaurants, etc. Prices here for everyday items are not as cheap as larger towns, so we stock up on items from San Isidro/Palmar/the frontera. There have been a few recent insidents of crime, robberies to be more specific, these have mainly been crimes of oportunity, places that are easy for the criminals to escape. Or they have been crimes caused by employers not paying their workers. There is a ever growing police presence in the areas between Dominical and Ojochal. Uvita is a spanish speaking town, althought there are a large number of expats so you can "get by" on english, but spanish will only enlarge your experience here. It takes 2 hours to drive to Panama, 3 or so to San Jose. The beaches here are some of the best we have experienced! The views here can be amazing! When you look at properties consider the condition of the roads, the utilities that already run to the land. If you are considering a property I highly suggest visiting during a rainier month because water management on a property is very important here. The prices of property are slowly going up, its no longer the bottom of the bottom. If you want a view, you will have to pay for it. These days you are looking at anywhere from $50,000 and up for a property of decent size. I suggest coming down to check things out soon and see if this is a place you would want to live. It is beautiful here but that doesn't mean it is free from problems, far from in in fact. A good mechanic is hard to find in this area. Let me know if you have any more questions!
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