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  1. Seven continents. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Africa. Canada.
  2. That brand with the pale blue elephant winking one eye is a Scott paper brand and they make the worst plastic wrap ever! at least here in CR. In Canada, it was a good brand. I don't know about their TP but that plastic wrap of theirs won't roll off in one piece, it sticks to itself, it's miserable! So I won't be buying any Scott TP 'cause I don't want to be caught in the same position, so to speak.
  3. Thanks for this info - I love the Asian markets in Vancouver and Richmond (where we come from) - the fresh foods, the beautiful dishware, the restaurants -
  4. Oh, Nanaimo Bars!!! I love 'em and they were invented here in British Columbia and I don't care what the rest of Canada claims - 'tis true.
  5. Hi DianaF. Wondering where in CR you are planning to settle.

    We have a house in the Central Valley NE of Grecia and 31km from Poas volcano.

    We are building a house and are not renewing our lease.Great Landlord.Ticos..Further information if you are interested.


  6. Hi Evans: I think I did not reply to your query properly-not sure where my reply went - sorry. The letter you were asking about can be found at:


  7. Yo Diana! I would like to see what the letter looks like? Where did you find it online?



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