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  1. DianaF

    Banco de Costa Rica

    Tilting at windmills and you just don't get it.
  2. DianaF

    Banco de Costa Rica

    "BCR to eliminate 250 staff as earnings plummet"
  3. DianaF

    Banco de Costa Rica

    This morning .... AM Costa Rica, page 2.
  4. DianaF

    Banco de Costa Rica

  5. DianaF

    Banco de Costa Rica

    This has nothing to do with "security". It has to do with liquidity/reserves. BCR is limiting the supply of USD.
  6. Very recently, the BCR branch here in Atenas has imposed a daily limit on withdrawals from their ATM machines. We can now only withdraw $100 USD per day and 200,000 colones per day. When questioned, they said it is for "security reasons". I don't know if this is a country-wide change or just our town. Lots of people are upset. If they pay their rent in USD, then they have to go to an ATM many times to get the amount together, incurring bank charges all the while. Of course, one could go into the bank with colones and change them for USD - still more charges. We don't have bank accounts here - no need for us - but we do use the ATM's. FYI.
  7. DianaF

    Obesity in Latin America

    I see a lot of obese expats. They moved here in that condition. It's not just the Costa Ricans.
  8. Seven continents. North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Africa. Canada.
  9. I am from British Columbia and it is the only province that requires a monthly payment .... but, medical care is not "free" in Canada in any province ... you are paying for it through your high income taxes. At the time we left Canada, I was no longer able to find a family doctor and had to use walk in clinics. Show up early in the morning and they give you an approximate time to return to see a doctor and then I would sit and wait again. I might have five entire minutes with a doctor. They are really pressured to push as many patients thru the door as possible. With a walk in clinic, there is no continuity if one has a chronic condition so you must be very "pro-active".
  10. DianaF

    Anyone feel the earthquake?

    Felt it here in Atenas - I was up and about at the time. Lasted about 4 seconds I guess - house shook but nothing fell or broke. They freak me out! but it's all part of the fun.
  11. Paul - I've sent a request to my brother-in-law about using this cheese in poutine. I think it would work well myself and now I want some poutine! I'll let you know what he says. I believe the cheese used in Canada is white cheddar cheese curds.
  12. This cheese is great! My relatives from Canada have tried it and said it tastes like the cheese curds they can get there. They ate the whole ball we bought them in Poas and wanted more. I like it too, and it's also good fried in a pan with butter and served alongside hot toast.
  13. DianaF


    Yes, I have seen all the posts on this issue and obviously have read them. What I want to see is the actual "ruling" from the CR government office that makes these decisions. We do not want to get to the end of our year with no receipts showing we had made the necessary conversions. I will ask our lawyer, who in fact does work with ARCR. I am sure he will answer me with respect.
  14. DianaF


    I would sure like to know officially if that requirement of converting USD to colones every month for pensionados is indeed no longer a requirement.
  15. DianaF

    Oh, and the rain?

    We were the same too, Gayle - got too complacent.

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