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  1. Over recent months I have noticed a substantial decrease in posting to Scott Oliver's 11 year old forum - and even more obvious since he sold it. Actually, I see only 3 posting in 2 weeks, whereas when I first joined it there were dozens per day. I know there are several ARCR posters who were on, then left, Scott's forum. I'm wondering if there were philosophical disagreements with the content, or just natural evolution [the new format is "difficult"] leading to extinction.
  2. I received a request to send a PDF of the Cartago earthquake from James Graham at jimesau1@yahoo.com My response was kicked back to me as undeliverable. If 'Jimmy' sees this, try again or use another email address. PEH
  3. This Saturday (coinciding with the Prez's visit) is the 103d anniversary of the destruction of Cartago, which eventually resulted in the transfer of the central government to San Jose. The catastrophic event was documented nicely, in English and Spanish, by Leon Fernandez Guardia and Amando Cespedes Marin the same year (1910): "The Cartago Earthquake". I have this 60 page 4.6MB book as a PDF. If anyone is interested in this part of Tico history, send me a private email to dr.pharg[at]gmail.com and I will forward. The last time a Prez (JFK) came to C.R. in 1963, Irazu blew its top. Coincidentally, both Democrats. I'm just sayin'.
  4. I recently discussed with my financial advisor [in TIAA-CREF] using my IRA to buy real estate in C.R.; he agreed that it can be done with lots of paperwork, but posed three potential problems: 1. if you transfer $$$ out of your IRA to a place like Pensco, the fees involved may be high or unknown, and at least should be agreed upon before proceeding; 2. you will lose liquidity of IRA funds [depending on how much goes to real estate and how much is left]; 3. you should insure that when you reach 70-1/2, there is enough left for minimum distribution requirements [at least in the U.S.].
  5. http://www.goteborgaward.com/se/TheGoteborg Award for Sustainable Development in 2010 Ocean scientists share one million Swedish crowns Oceans are essential to existence of all life on Earth, and yet perhaps mankind’s most ruthless exploitation is taking place in the seas through overfishing, pollution and other environmental impact that damages biological diversity and the very basis for life both underwater and for humans on land. For this reason The Göteborg Award for Sustainable Development in 2010 goes to two prominent persons who have in different ways strongly contributed to solutions for sustainable relations with our oceans. The prize, one million Swedish crowns, will be divided equally between Ken Sherman from the U.S.A. and Randal Arauz from Costa Rica.
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