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  1. I'm a little confused about the letter of good conduct and criminal record search. How many years back does the check have to go. I got one from where I live and it only goes back for 2 years and states that it only has records from the county where I live. My attorney said she preferred that I give her a nationwide criminal check but if I couldn't get that a statewide would do. I'm trying to file for my residency now before the rules change. The statewide check cannot be obtained from where I live. Neither can the nationwide. It is my understanding that the letter of good conduct or the criminal records check must be issued from my local area. These reports are not available locally. I would appreciate any help. I am totally confused as I thought the report must come from your place of residence. Thanks
  2. I have traveled with my son since he was 12 years old from the US to Costa Rica and back about 7 times. On 2 of those occasions, I brought 2 of his friends that were 15 years old with me as well. I always carry a notorized letter from my ex husband and the other kids parents giving me permission to take them out of the US & back to the US again but I have never been asked to see it. Not even once. Additionally last summer, one of my sons friends took him to the airport to catch his flight back to to the US. I was not even with him. He had no paperwork on him at all. He was 16 then and had no problem leaving the country by himself. Costa Rica is a big surfing destination and lots of boys under 18 travel by themselves to surf during summer vacation. My son is a surfer and I met some of his friends last summer that were traveling by themselves. I think you should always travel with a notorized letter giving you permission to leave the country from the father. Keep in mind that my flights have always originated from the US. It's possible that a flight originating and returning to Costa Rica may be viewed differently.
  3. Keysey Girl

    Angel Valley B&B in San Ramon

    I'm so impressed! The photos look great! I'm Looking forward to staying at your new place soon
  4. Keysey Girl

    Bringing my Dog to costa Rica

    IMPORTANT - READ THIS I suggest that you let Anabelle at ARCR handle your paperwork. I learned from her that even if you have the health certificate & it has been endorsed by the USDA. you still need an import permit. This is extremely important if you arrive on a weekend . Your dog may be held in the airport without food or water until the Costa Rican Vet is available to approve your paperwork. What if the vet doesn't show up on Monday, What if he home sick for 5 days. This happened to one of the ARCR members and her dog was almost dead when she finally got him back. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO TAKE THIS CHANCE TO SAVE A COUPLE OF DOLLARS? email anabelle@casacanada.net
  5. I'm looking for a 2 bedroom house / condo/ apartment to rent in the Manuel Antonio - Quepos or Dominical area for several months or possible long term rental. Will be arriving June 20. If you know of anything, Please let me know. Thanks.
  6. Keysey Girl

    Alternative transportation to flying?

    Another possibitly is a charter fishing boat. Since the Los Suenos Marina opened in Herradura a lot of large charter boats from South Florida are making the trip there. Most are owned by corporations and the Captain & Mate bring the boat over. Quite a few of the Charter Boat Captains are open to and lookinfg for opportunities to make extra Money. There will probably be a lot of boats being repositioned for the next Million Dollar Billfish tournament to Los Suenos. There are different ways to aproach this. There are probably people who would split the cost of a Chater to go there. One of the local Captains could help you set this up. Or try to catch a ride with a boat being repositioned to Costa Rica and pay the captain to take you along. Also aircraft carring freight sometimes will carry passengers. Freight/ charter carriers out of Miami Airport might be a place to check on this. If you want more info email me with your phone #
  7. Keysey Girl

    Flying with dogs - yet another question

    More Info.. Nonstop flights to San Jose Just started from the Hollylwood / Fort Lauderdale airport. Nonstop is also available from Orlando. One of these may be closer to you
  8. Keysey Girl

    Single Lady

    Thanks! These clubs sound like a good way to make friends that are already established in the community. How would I contact them.
  9. Keysey Girl

    Single Lady

    Are there any single ladies living in Costa Rica? We're still waiting to hear from you.
  10. Keysey Girl

    Single Lady

    These forums make moving to Costa Rica a lot easier. I've made friends with people that are already in Costa Rica and some that are planning to move. The replys that have been posted here and the friendships I've made thru email are great I m looking forward to meeting everyone when I get there. I will be going on Christopher Howards Tour & the ARCR Seminar at the end of April. I am sure I'll make more friends then. I found out from these forums that there are a lot of us moving there and we all want to make friends. The main thing that scares me is that it's going to take a while to learn enough Spanish to really be able to talk to theTicos. I studied Spanish for about 2 hours tonight and I discovered that my intelligence level is about 1/2 of what I thought it was. My advice is START LEARNING SPANISH NOW! IT"S GONNA TAKE LONGER THAN YOU THINK. .
  11. Keysey Girl

    Lake Arenal

    Lots of info there TG. Sounds like great advice to me. People move to the Florida Keys for the same reasons. Most are gone in a year maybe 2 at best.
  12. Keysey Girl

    Flying with dogs - yet another question

    Jan, I've never shipped a pet before but to miminize the stress on your pets you could rent a suv, Pack your pets & Luggage and drive to the departure airport that has a direct flight to Costa Rica. Its a little inconvient but Your dogs will really appreciate it. .I have a Springer Spaniel so I understand your anxiety over this ordeal
  13. Keysey Girl

    Spanish Language Instruction

    Thanks for all the great suggestions. I appreciate your help!
  14. Keysey Girl

    Dog ..Costa Rica to US

    I am bringing my dog to Costa Rica with me. I will have to return to the US occasionally. Does anyone have any information on what is required to bring him back to the US with me. If our stay is less than 3 months. Is there a quarantine required for him to return to the US? . My Lucky Dog goes everywhere with me: If he can't go then I can't go. Please Help

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