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  1. Jamie, contact me at mrossi1@nycap.rr.com. I may be able to help you regarding your recent post.

  2. I'm so glad to hear this is an unusually wet rainy season. We moved here a month ago and haven't seen the sun for 3 days. Thank goodness for all the DVD movies we brought. And the heated mattress pad we brought was the smartest move I have made in years! I guess the good part is I am cooking more, bad news is I am eating more. May have to start doing set ups.
  3. I tried the cabletica website and couldn't get through, any ideas?

  4. I visited Atenas and met 2 "real estate" agents who both showed me rental property. We would like to live in Grecia but Atenas is our second choice. Can you tell me who you used in Atenas and if you know a reputible agent in Grecia. Thanks

  5. What wine makeing supplies are needed inCR.. Yeast, yeast nutrition,acid blind??? Primary fermenters and secondary fermenters???? Can you buy supplies on the internet and have them ship in. If so, what are the shipping cost and import taxes like?? What wine making supplies should we bring from the US??
  6. I tasted some of the nance fruit wine when I was there. We have made blackberry, cherry, apple, pear and even kiwi wine so I bet we can make others. May have to ship supplies down. Thanks for the info.
  7. Anyone try making fruit wines in CR? We make fruit wines here in the US and will be moving to CR soon. Just curious.
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