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  1. I have to convert x number of dollars prior to the end of my first year being a Temp Resident. My residency was approved in Nov of last year so I'm thinking that I need to transfer the 36,000 prior to Nov starting so that gives approx 25 days to do so. I have x in the Banco Nacional accounts and that amount would need to be moved back and forth several times to make that amount work out.
  2. Thanks for all the suggestions. I am trying to navigate the Banco Nacional website and am able to get the first page to translate but after that the links are too long to work, or at least that is what I think the problem is. As a side comment, and I know that they are not required to do this, but why would they not create a English site to make it easier for their English speaking/reading customers to navigate and use the site? Also does anyone know how often funds can be transferred between 2 account, as in I need to move funds from a dollar account into a colones account, and back and forth etc. Is it once a day, several times a day, ? I'm in the USA currently and need to move some money back and forth and am stuck with the translation and may just need to get someone here locally to try to walk me through it. Thanks for the input and ideas,.. Phil
  3. I need to see if anyone can help with a website or software that would convert a website that is in Spanish into English. I looked online but did not find one that would easily work and thought that someone here has already stumbled on the details. The site has buttons or links that have text on them that I need to know which ones to press to make it to a new page, and repeat. For this reason I do not think a text translator would work since I would have to create numerous, possibly hundreds of translations to see which ones apply to me. Thanks for any help, Phil
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