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  1. This is what we have set up for our internet business to keep our 800 Customer service line: We have an 800# through Kall8.com...great service and CHEAP! $2/month plus .06 per minute when someone calls in. When we move (in 2 weeks) we have set it up to forward to our Skype number (which is a US based number, so we will still be charged our .06/min US rate). If we are out and about, we will forward to a CR cell phone. It's .16 per minute to have it forwarded to the cell phone, but we don't plan on using it that much in that manner. Also, signed up for unlimited calls to US on Skype ($3.00/month)...where else can you find cheaper? Total Cost: Skype Unlimited US/Canada Plan = $30/year Skype US Based Number = $30/year Kall8 800 number = varies, but usually about $40/month....cheap to keep a customer service line in Costa Rica. Gotta love the internet!
  2. moving in 2 weeks!

  3. I've been on the Skype website, and I don't think we can forward calls to CR mobile phones. If someone knows any different, please advise. We currently have a 1-800 Customer Service line that we need to maintain, but don't want to be tied to the computer/house. We use Kall8 for our 800# and it currently rings to a cell phone in the US. We pay $.069 per min. We can have it forwarded to a Costa Rican # for .16 per min. That would give us flexibility, but be much more expensive than going with Skype. We'd prefer doing skype, but are afraid of the inflexibility of being on the run. Advice please.....
  4. Keith K

    Cost of Living

    Thank you for posting that Erin! IB Schools are SO sought after here in Colorado. They are phenomenal here. We'll definately look into it more as our children grow. But for now, we are just going to enjoy Pura Vida and not worry about that. Cheers!
  5. Keith K

    Cost of Living

    We still have years until we have to worry about schools, but it still doesn't make up for the difference in property taxes (which in the US, a portion goes to fund the public schools) and the savings in medical. And if we did decide to send our children to private school in the US, where I live, the costs are nearly double to triple what they are in CR. Luckily, we have a few years before that becomes an issue. Plus, we have work online, so the working in Costa Rica for Costa Rican wages is not an issue (thankfully).
  6. Keith K

    Cost of Living

    We did the math for our family of 3 (with one on the way) of living frugally in the US vs in Costa Rica. We don't live an extravagant life and are very frugal in the US...but could we pare down even more...sure...here's how the numbers came out: We gave ourselves a budget of $2,000/month: definitely enough in CR, but was it enough in the US? We own our cars...so no payment there, just insurance. (on this note...US Car insurance is MUCH cheaper than CR). We would have to sell our home b/c just the mortgage is over $2K/month, but we could live in a 2 bedroom apartment for about $1K, that would leave us with $1,000 for other expenses such as medical ($600 minimum/month), auto insurance ($150/month)...wait, wait right there....even now we only have $250 left for groceries, gas, utilities, personal expenses and fun. Sooo.... we sold our cars, rented our house, sold our furniture and are moving in 27 days to Costa Rica. We can live a MUCH richer life in Costa Rica. If we kept the same lifestyle that we live now in the US, we would still be living on less than 1/2 of what we spend here per month. The biggest savings: Home (or Rent) and Medical Insurance. We are looking forward to the adventure and having our children raised in a culture that cherishes families, leisure time and kinship!
  7. Keith K

    New Law for Importing Pets?

    Boohoo for Continental...it seems as if it's a 'technical' wording issue with them that is going to cost their passengers traveling with pets a lot of $$$$. I am glad that Frontier does not have that policy. We leave in less than 4 weeks.
  8. Keith K

    New Law for Importing Pets?

    Let the issue rest.... If you are traveling with your pet (as checked luggage) you do not need anything else except the proper paperwork (USDA Certified Health Certificate & Proof of Shots). That's it. Nothing more.
  9. Thanks! We are using Dr. Paer and he does water births at Catolica. Everyone has their experiences and opinions...but CIMA does seem to come out on top. We don't really care, but we'd like to try a water birth. My wife has had a C-section before and with CR C-section rates at 80% (!!!!!) this should be a better alternative. Thank you for the info about rentals....we MAY just HAVE to do that. Don't want to, but definitely need a place to stay.
  10. Thanks CostaRicaFina....we are going to have our baby there, thus the proximity issue. If you know of any others in a safe neighborhood that is a short taxi drive...that would be helpful...the dogs are posing an issue, there aren't many places that will accept them.
  11. We are looking for a short term furnished rental 1-2 bedrooms, in a safe, family friendly neighborhood. Needs to be close to public transportation (as we will not have a car) and within 20 minutes of Hospital Catolica. Also needs to have Hi-Speed Internet and hot water and accept DOGS, we have 2! Willing to pay up to $700. OR A B&B that accepts dogs. Time Frame: MAY AND JUNE Your help and direction would be much appreciated. Thanks! -Keith
  12. Keith K

    New Law for Importing Pets?

    Well I sure hope so! How do I value my dog? They are a part of my family. Dang...this move is becoming possibly more expensive than I ever thought. The cost of living better compensate!
  13. Keith K

    New Law for Importing Pets?

    We are leaving the first week in May. My wife is pregnant and we plan on having our baby in Costa Rica to get Perm. Residency quicker. I am hoping this is a mis-understanding. I don't mind paying another $20/dog, but $150-$200 for a broker that does nothing for me is not so easy to swallow. I'll keep everyone updated with what our experience is.
  14. Keith K

    New Law for Importing Pets?

    Will do. ReyT Just wondering if Frontier mentioned this new 'law' when you spoke with them on the phone?
  15. Keith K

    New Law for Importing Pets?

    We will be flying direct from Denver on Frontier Airlines. They transport pets...has anyone had any good/bad things to say about Frontier Pet handling policies?

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