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  1. moving in 2 weeks!

  2. Thanks! We are using Dr. Paer and he does water births at Catolica. Everyone has their experiences and opinions...but CIMA does seem to come out on top. We don't really care, but we'd like to try a water birth. My wife has had a C-section before and with CR C-section rates at 80% (!!!!!) this should be a better alternative. Thank you for the info about rentals....we MAY just HAVE to do that. Don't want to, but definitely need a place to stay.
  3. Thanks CostaRicaFina....we are going to have our baby there, thus the proximity issue. If you know of any others in a safe neighborhood that is a short taxi drive...that would be helpful...the dogs are posing an issue, there aren't many places that will accept them.
  4. We are looking for a short term furnished rental 1-2 bedrooms, in a safe, family friendly neighborhood. Needs to be close to public transportation (as we will not have a car) and within 20 minutes of Hospital Catolica. Also needs to have Hi-Speed Internet and hot water and accept DOGS, we have 2! Willing to pay up to $700. OR A B&B that accepts dogs. Time Frame: MAY AND JUNE Your help and direction would be much appreciated. Thanks! -Keith
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