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  1. Excellent!!! This is what makes this forum valuable... Much better than some of the 'arguments' and 'back-bitings' that all too often are posted.
  2. Just for fun, I used Google to search for 'wineries in Costa Rica' and found one link that said: "Because there is no wine produced in Costa Rica, all wine is imported....", yet other links seem to point to wineries.. You can spend the rest of this month searching Google for all kinds of trivia. Enjoy!
  3. I used my ATM to withdraw colones today, and the exchange rate was 506.5 per dollar. It may not be long before 500 hits us. Is this the negative or realistic view?
  4. 512 and 514 today, my friend. And thank you for the web page link. But the international rate is: Live rates at 2010.04.06 20:39:28 UTC 1.00 USD = 555.598 CRC Go figure!
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