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  1. according to CostaRicaFirearms.com story Costa Rica Gun Ownership as a Non-Permanent Resident "Only Citizens or Permanent Residents can own PISTOLS A resident's cédula must be designated "libre condición". No longer can non-residents own handguns as an officer of a Costa Rica corporation. No longer can non-permanent residents such as those of Pensionado, Rentista, Inversionista or Representante status own handguns for even home or office protection. But, this IS Costa Rica [so please read on] New Gun Options for Non-Permanent Residents Many non-permanent residents and non-residents have previously owned weapons through the old law and still have Costa Rica registered handguns in their possessions under the name of their corporations. Although the new law will no longer allow these guns to be kept in places of business, according to our advising attorney there is no restriction on keeping the existing registered guns within the persons home or domicile. In other words, if the handguns were already registered before the new rules took effect they can still be kept within the persons home and property because the registration does not expire on either the guns or the corporations. As for new gun ownership; non-permanent residents and non-residents still have an opportunity – but it is currently restricted to long-guns that must remain in your home and on your property. The new procedure would be similar to the old process of buying or importing a rifle, carbine, or shotgun in the name of a Costa Rica corporation. The registration would be in the name of the corporation and the new required attorney affidavit would state use of the gun was for sport or hunting purposes on your own property."
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