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  1. Are you looking for a real estate agent? If so, I am a little confused by your comment on the cable tica site although that was mentioned in my response to someone else on another issue. Did I get my response mixed?

    Just tell me what you need and I will see if I can help. Also, it would help if you sent your note to my email address Leon.Ranch@gmail.com because I am limited to 400 le...

  2. We ultimately bught directtly from an owner and as a result, avoided the 6% real estate commission. We fod the house by spending literally hundreds of hours online. Through Brooke you will be able to see houses in both Grecia and Atenas but, depending on your price range their mght not be very many in Grecia. You can contact me directly at Leon.Ranch@gmail.com if you would like.

    I'm Ba...

  3. Hi Jaimie, There is a real estate agent in Grecia that we know and have no hesitancy in recommending. Her name is Brooke Bishop and she is wih Go Dutch Realty. Her cell phone is 8311-5336. You can look at their properties in both Grecia and Atenas at www.godutchrealty.com The firm is owned by Isabelle and Howard Jones who are also developers - we bought in thir development but go through Brooke.

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