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  1. We are considering having a Whirlpool stove with an induction top, warming drawer and convection oven shipped from the US. Does anyone know where we might find such a thing here in Costa Rica other than Play or Golfito? We are also looking for All-Clad or Demeyeure or similar quality stainless steel cookware. Any thoughts on where we might find them? Thanks very much, ervall (who is back in Costa Rica for four or five months)
  2. Congratulations!! Although we were not asked for your items #3 and #4, they may have looked them up on their computer since we bank with BCR and they had our account #s. Glad this is finally over for you - now, two more years of peace!
  3. ervall

    Traveling to Nicaragua

    I recommend that you contact Edwin who owns Macua Tours in Rivas, just a few miles from San Juan del Sur. edwinruiz@macuatours.com He was a tremendous help to us when we went down there. We drove from Atenas to a taxi driver's house just before the border, where we left our car. The driver (Norman) drive us to the border, filled out the forms and walked us through the Costa Rican side. We brought us to apoint where we could see Edwin some 50 yeards away. We carried our bags that last 50 yards and Edwin and his driver took over from there. It couldn't have been easier. It took a fraction of the time that is does on the bus because all passengers have to go through customs and immigration. It cost $10 a day to store our car at Norman's house and $60 for Edwin to get us through the Nicaraguan side and drive us to our destination in San Juan del Sur. We also used Edwin for a day trip to Granada which was hot but wonderful. We stronglyu reocmmend him. Tell him that Barry and Claudia sent you.
  4. Sorry that you had this problem. Since it appears that practices vary from BCR branch to BCR branch, you might try the branch in Alajulea, where we went, when you are next in that area. It was very simple there. And, as ridiculous as it seems, you might also consider switching your banking to BCR. We don't have anyting direct deposited to Costa RIca either, so they may not make a difference. But what we do is to make an international transfer each month from our US bank to BCR and, although that costa a few bucks, it works well. Also, we renewed our Cedulas a couple of weeks after they had expired and it didn't seem to matter. Of course, we haven't picked them up at the Post Office yet so we REALLY don't know if this process worked for us. In any case, good luck and feel free to send me a private message.
  5. I have been using Apple TV for two years and use it mainly to mirror movies and TV programs I have downloaded. I don't need a VPN for that. If you have any specific questions, please send a note through the site's message syetem. Thanks
  6. As I mentioned earlier, it WAS a government pension, Social Security.
  7. This is absolutely wrong. We just renewed our Cedulas (two weeks ago) which we originally obtained using a government pension as evidience of adequate income. We did not have to produce a copy, stamped or not, of the evidence of such a pension nor did we have to produce evidence of having exchanged dollars for Colones, although we had such evidence with us. Why do you persist in telling me our experience wasn't possible? I am describing exactly what happened.
  8. This is not true, at least in our case or any others that I have heard of. It was true for the orginal Cedula but not for the renewal.
  9. No, the cost was 136,000 Colones in total which we paid in cash (Colones). We didn't ask if they accepted a credit card. We brought a copy of the last CAJA receipt which they did, in fact, want. We also brought copies of a vareity of other documents (Cedula, Passport, CAJA ID). The only one they wanted was the copy of the CAJA ID but I would suggest that you bring copies of everything since the process seems to vary from bank to bank. We also brougth copies of the exchanges of dollars to Colones that we made in the last year but they did not ask to see them. Hope this helps.
  10. We actually renewed ours after they had expired. I would definitely not recommend doing that. Avoiding the holiday rush seems like a good idea as does renewing them before they expire. I'm not sure how far ahead they will allow you to make an appointment but I would try to get a morning or early afternoon appointment, but not too long before the cedulas expire since you don't want to shorten the cycle by too much.
  11. My wife called the number at BCR that one uses to set up appointments - 900-00-34639 . She had a great deal of difficulty getting through and had to use her cell phone because she couldn't reach them on our land line. When someone answered, she explained in her limited Spanish, that she wanted to set up an appointment for a cedula renewal. She couldn't understand the response and asked if there was someone there who spoke English. After holding for 20 seconds or so, an English speaking person came on the line and helped her set up the appoitment.
  12. My wife and I are Pensionado. Last Thursday, we renewed our Cedulas at BCR Alajuela. We had appointments at 3:00 and 3:10 and were actually seen at 4:00. The process was a bit slower than usual because the bank official doing the renewals was training two additional people. We made the appointments about three weeks before and these were the first times available. I would strongly recommend not making an appointment any later than 3:00 because there was a flood of people who came in after us to have their driver's license renewed and, despite having the appointments, it appeared to be first come, first served. She did not ask to look at the printed record of our transactions converting US dollars into Colones nor did she ask for the printed record of our CAJA payments, both of which we had brought with us. We also had copies of our old cedulas, our CAJA cards and our passports as well as a note from my Mom attesting to our good character and cheerful disposition. Of these, she only asked for the copies of our CAJA cards. She did, however, collect a bit more than 130,000 Colones. Nonetheless, we have heard from others that these documents were requested so I would reccomend bringing two copies of each. She was very friendly, very helpful and very professional and her English was excellent (although we did have a bilingual friend with us, just in case). Despite the delay, the process could not have been much easier. At the end of the process, she gave us a copy of the completed form which indicated that our cedulas would be available for pick-up at the post office in Atenas, where we live, in one month. We have heard from others that went through this process that their cedulas were available at the post office within a week or so. Hope this is helpful. ervall
  13. Palmares, during the festival, tends to be very crowded from late afternoon (5:00 or so) on. If you spend time there in the morning and afternoon, you should be okay.
  14. If you are expecting logic and internal consistency in the actions of the government, you are looking at the wrong country. I am not sure if there is a country anywhere whose laws, particularly with respect to immigration, are logical but Costa Rica is certainly not such a country. In addition, their logic may not be the same as your logic.
  15. ervall

    Online shopping

    When we buy things, we just tell the shipper to throw them away. That eliminates all the uncertainty and takes far less time.

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